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Luc Jakobs

Luc Jakobs (1956) has been working as a music theory teacher at the Maastricht Conservatory since 1985

He studied School Music with André Stolwijk and Music Theory with composer Henri Delnooz. He followed conducting lessons with, among others, Daniel Reuss, Jos van Veldhoven, Daan Admiraal and Jaap Hillen. Luc currently runs the Mixed Church Choir St. Caecilia in Heythuysen and he is the leader of the Bach Cantates project in Heythuysen.
In the past Luc was conductor of Choleur Vocale Chamber Choir for 21 years, with which he recorded 3 CDs. He also composes and arranges a lot for vocal ensembles. His works are performed by choirs all over the world. Without calling himself a connoisseur, Luc is a great lover of the music of Johan Sebastiaan Bach. He is convinced that a better understanding of this music results in a deeper and therefore better performance.
Luc Jakobs is also keyboard player of the band Matchbox, a band that specializes in the repertoire of the American band Steely Dan.