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¡HØÑK! is the first ever collective of contrabass flutes, taking the unique full sound of this low flute and multiplying it times six! The Honkers are all internationally active performer/composer/improviser innovators, bringing their individual talents and compositions to the performance. Get ready for a sound like none other.

¡HØÑK!  is:

Michael Schmid is a musician and flutist specializing in contemporary experimental music. A fixed member of the Belgian Ictus Ensemble and as freelancer he has worked with most of the major European New Music Ensembles as chamber musician and soloist. Next to his activity as flutist he appears as performer of concrete poetry, builds sound installations and writes sound pieces. He has a profound interest in the politics and communication processes of music making.

Carla Rees is a performer (low flutes, Kingma system and baroque flutes), arranger and composer. Her career focusses on collaboration and developing the dialogue between composer, performer and flute maker in order to extend and enhance the repertoire. She has premiered several hundred works in the UK and internationally. She runs an innovative distance-learning music degree programme at the Open College of Arts, and teaches the flute at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her works are published by Tetractys Publishing. www.carlarees.co.uk

Gareth McLearnon is an internationally renowned, award winning UK-based flutist. In demand as a soloist, recording artist, orchestral, chamber musician, he gives performances and masterclasses around the world every year. He is a published composer and arranger, a Haynes Artist, Plays Kingma-Brannen Bass & Contrabass Flutes and is Principal Flute of the Heritage Orchestra. www.garethmclearnon.com

Ned McGowan is a flutist and contemporary classical music composer, born in the United States, living in the Netherlands. Known for rhythmical vitality and technical virtuosity, his music has won awards and been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Concertgebouw and other halls and festivals around the world by many orchestras, ensembles and soloists. As a flutist he plays classical, contemporary and improvisation concerts internationally and he has a special love for the contrabass flute, in 2016 releasing the album: The Art of the Contrabass Flute. Ned is a Pearl Artist and plays the Pearl Contrabass Flute. www.nedmcgowan.com

Sophie Dufeutrelle, French flutist/pedagogue/composer, is a regular guest artist at various flute conventions worldwide. Well known for her works published at Leduc/Notissimo, she composed for M. Larrieu, P. Bernold, M. Ziegler, J.L. Beaumadier and Peter Sheridan. Her very last book, The Flute Way 3, a fun an innovative approach to Taffanel and Gaubert's Daily exercices is prefaced by Emmanuel Pahud, Jasmine Choi, Juliette Hurel, Pamela Stahel and Greg Pattillo. Sophie is Straubinger artist. www.sophiedufeutrelle.com

Tilmann Dehnhard performs around the world and gives workshops for Jazz, modern playing techniques and improvisation and teaches at the Jazz Institut Berlin (University of the Arts). He has performed and recorded with many artists including Sam Rivers, Steve Lacey, Cindy Lauper and Till Brönner while also producing his own CDs. Tilmann Dehnhard composes for the theatre and film. His publications include “The New Flute” (NFA Award Winner 2014) and “Jazz Studies For Flute” (NFA Award Winner 2012) and "Easy Jazz Studies for Flute", Universal Edition Vienna. He officially endorses Altus Flutes/Artis Music. Tilman Dehnhard