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Adams Alpha Series Xylphone

The Adams Alpha Series Xylophone strikes an iconic pose in any venue. The high sweeping arc of the resonators, rich wood stain finish, and polished aluminum nameplate all merge seamlessly to form a visual and aural statement in modern design.

Appearance does matter

As a performer, you try to fully activate the human senses.
To create an instrument that is a visual attraction unto itself, Adams collaborated with the multiple award-winning designers of KesselsGranger DesignWorks during the development of the Alpha series. The elegant lines and numerous high-profile design characteristics are combined with a choice of color combinations to personalize your Alpha.

Each Alpha is available in your choice of four resonator colors and four rail colors for an instrument as unique as you are.
The rails & end pieces made of French oak are availble in the following stain colors: Graphite - Walnut - White Wash - Espresso
The lightweight aluminum resonators come in the following durable powdercoat colors: Midnight Black - Desert - Satin Gold - Titanium Silver

Specifications Alpha Xylophone

Model: XAHA40-..
Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood
Bar width: 48 mm
Range: 4.0 octaves (C4 – C8)
Tuning: A = 442 Hz 
Length: 185 cm
Low end: 78 cm
High end: 56 cm
Heigth: Adjustable 87-101 cm
Frame: Adams Apex

Model: XAHA35-..
Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood
Bar width: 48 mm
Range: 3.5 octaves (F4 – C8)
Tuning: A = 442 Hz 
Length: 168 cm
Low end: 72 cm
High end: 56 cm
Heigth: Adjustable 87-101 cm
Frame: Adams Apex

* Color Combinations Alpha

11. Graphite - Midnight Black
12. Graphite - Desert
13. Graphite - Satin Gold
14. Graphite - Titanium Silver

21. Walnut - Midnight Black
22. Walnut - Desert
23. Walnut - Satin Gold
24. Walnut - Titanium Silver

31. Whitewash - Midnight Black
32. Whitewash - Desert
33. Whitewash - Satin Gold
34. Whitewash - Titanium Silver

41. Espresso - Midnight Black
42. Espresso - Desert
43. Espresso - Satin Gold
44. Espresso - Titanium Silver

Non-Graduated quint tuned bars

Alpha Series Xylophones feature our wide uniformed Alpha tuned Honduras Rosewood bars for consistent tuning and ease of playing throughout the range of the instrument. The bars are quint tuned. Quint tuning has a fifth tuned in between the fundamental and double octave for the short, penetrating sound that cuts through the largest ensembles. Quint tuning was the used on the classic American Xylophones of the 20s and 30s.

The Apex Frame

The Adams Apex mallet frame is designed to provide the best possible sound, to deliver a frictionless experience, and to surprise with astonishing and modern looks, the Adams Apex frame reaches a new peak in design. Apex replaces the Voyager and Traveller frames.

Structural rigidity is the most important part of the Apex design. The position of the high-strengthcentral crossbar creates a very low center of gravity for peerless ease of motion and the ultimate instability. Combined with reinforced crossbar connections, the strength and support of the Apex side pillars provide less frame-noise than any other frame available.

The time tested Adams height adjustment mechanism is the most intuitive, simple, and strongestsystem in the market, and has been transformed in an improved design for the Apex frame. With its unique side pillars and improved crossbar connections, the Apex frame is quick to assemble and easy to transport.

The most resonant wood on the planet

Honduras Rosewood, a very unique wood with unparalleled sound qualities grows in the heart of Central America. The beauty of its resonance can even be heard on a raw-cut piece of wood Honduras Rosewood, which is also known for its hardness and durability. These typical characteristics makes it the best and most valuable wood available for crafting mallet instruments.

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