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Adams Musical Instruments - Experience the Sound of Quality

Alpha Series Vibraphone

The Alpha Series Vibraphone from Adams combines advanced acoustic engineering with cutting edge design for an instrument that stands apart from the crowd sonically and aesthetically. Adams proprietary alloy and advanced Alpha Tuning System create a full balanced tone throughout the range of the instrument. The new highly stylized resonators flow in a natural arc to immerse your audience in every nuance of your performance. The Alpha Vibraphone features a newly designed motor that provides optimal accessibility and near silent operation.

  • Aluminum bars in Gold or Silver matte finish
  • Alpha Tuning System
  • Octave range: 3.0 (F3-F6), 3.5 (C3-F6), or 4.0 (C3-C7)
  • Traveler frame system
  • Improved quiet motor (40-140 rpm) with controls integrated in small endpiece
  • Design upgrades by KesselsGranger DesignWorks
  • Improved dampening system
  • Optional wide dampener pedal
  • 9 different color combinations
  • Includes drop cover and 1 pair of VR3 mallets

Flowing Design. Tonal Perfection. 

Alpha Series keyboards feature tuning advancements that further enhance the sound of the instruments, notably making the upper registers sound more open and resonant.  Using a proprietary computer assisted method, Adams is producing bars meticulously precision tuned. This exclusive tuning process gives our keyboards the most stable pitch and evenness of sound available, and allows Adams complete control over all aspects of the sound.


Adams exclusive Aluminum alloy is now available in matte finished gold and silver anodized bars. With the new Alpha tuning, the Vibraphone’s beautiful, balanced tone projects fully, clearly, and evenly throughout the range of the instrument.

Silent Integrated Motor

The Alpha Vibraphone features a newly designed motor that provides optimal accessibility and near silent operation. The control panel is fully integrated in the small end piece, and the speed of the rotating fan is digitally readable. 

The 12 volt motor, runs safely on 110 or 220 volt power with the special converting power adaptor, totally eliminating the possibility of any electrical hazard. The clean and dependable mounted controls allow the player to choose whether the fans stop in either the open or closed position. The motor speed is fully adjustable from 40 to 140 rpm with an intuitive fader control.

Frame and Dampening Mechanism

The Traveller Frame that comes with the Alpha Vibraphone is recognized worldwide as the most sturdy vibraphone frame in the market. The dampening mechanism is smooth, fully adjustable in tension and ring, and the low pedal connection gives incredible pedaling comfort. An optional wide dampener pedal can be ordered

Nine colour combinations

Alpha instruments feature a dramatic addition to Adams frame design. Adams collaborated with Kessels Granger Design Works to create the newly contoured rails, end pieces, and resonators, available in different color and stain combinations.

Three solid oak rail finishes: Graphite, Walnut, and White Wash
Three powder coated resonator finishes: Black, Desert, and Satin Gold