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Sonic Euphonium

The Adams Sonic euphonium is the outcome of combining artisan craftmanship with advanced manufacturing technology. The instruments are intensively play-tested by professionals to meet the standards of advanced level players and professionals. Like the entire line of Adams Sonic instruments, this euphonium offers great projection and subtle control in every dynamic and range.      

Specifications Sonic euphonium

Key: Bb
Bell & finish:
Yellow brass, silver plated
Bell Diameter: Ø 305 mm
Bore: 1st, 2nd, 3th valve: 15 mm/ 4th valve: 16 mm
Gauge: 0.55
Valve: Bottom Sprung Stainless Steel 
Case: Included (Adams/Marcus Bonna)

Your choice of mouthpiece is extremely personal and very important for playing pleasure. That is why we do not supply a standard mouthpiece with our instruments.

The Sonic Euphonium is a fully professional horn at an excellent price point. The Adams Sonic Euphonium only comes in bright silver plate (a long lasting and beautiful finish). It is a non-compensating euphonium which helps to make it lightweight and responsive. 

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