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Rafael Navarro Cabo

Rafa Navarro, a professional musician and Professor of Music and Percussion. Nowadays he is working at the Conservatory of Music & Dance in Spain (Valencia) as a creative musician , composer and a teacher of percussion as applied to dance .

A world music specialist , ethnic rhythms , far cultures and at the same time with an exquisite technical and pedagogical skills. He is called to teach many times for important music festivals al around the world, TEDx , CEFIRE, as well as visiting professor at Conservatories such as Valencia, Alicante , Mallorca, Musikene (Spain) , Gante (Belgium) , Turin (Italy) , Portimao (Portugal) , combined with a substantial
artistic life playing considerable kinds of musical styles in countries whole of Europe and others like Mexico, USA , Brazil, Senegal , Bali, China, etc.

Relentless musician with a great passion for live performances , surprises us the ability to instantly compose the elements present , of course , the public. Recently he won the first prize in an innovation music contest in Sicily (Italy).

As a composer and passionate about creation, his new projects do not cease, merging arts such as sheet music, the audio-visual projects, dance, painting. He also has his own compositions for marimba, vibraphone, piano, percussion
ensemble and different musical groups. Besides, has his own music albums. He is currently the director of the GUOYOUTX project in China, where has two educative platforms with thousands of followers and students. Furthermore, he has a YouTube Channel with several videos, tutorials, live music and so on with close to 30.000 followers and more than 20.000 daily visits.

Energetic , dynamic, delivered with special sensitivity and musical ear ,we are facing one of the most eclectic percussionist on the current scene .