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Warm Up

Samedi 22 avril 2023 | 09:15 - 10:00 | Salle de demo

Start-the-Day Livestream Flute Choir! Begin your day at the festival by making music together!

Come and join internationally renowned flutist, composer, arranger and flute Ensemble Director Gareth McLearnon taking a piece from ZERO to LIVESTREAM in under an hour! Playing in Flute Ensemble is the best way to start your day and will give you a sense of accomplishment having performed a new piece while others are still drinking their coffee! There are parts to play for most standards, so whether you’re at high school level, intermediate or advanced - you will have something interesting to play. And LOW FLUTE players are extremely welcome - there will also be some low flutes to try too from some of the exhibitors! Come and join in and don’t forget to bring your flute!

Gareth McLearnon
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