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Flute Festival 2024 Exhibitors

Brannen Flutes

Brannen Brothers was founded in 1978 by the brothers Bickford and Robert Brannen in collaboration with Albert Cooper, the British flute maker, who linked his famous scale to the brand. In addition to the collaboration with Albert Cooper, there have been collaborations with Johan Brögger, Eva Kingma and Rainer Lafin, which have resulted in Brannen being one of the most professional flute makers in the world today. A Brannen flute is quality, class and artistic craftsmanship in silver, gold or platinum.

Adams always has Brannen flutes in stock. View our range of Brannen flutes here.


Burkart flutes and piccolos are crafted from the finest materials, with absolutely no compromises in quality or workmanship. Every instrument is produced to the Burkart level of excellence. Burkart-Phelan is a small artisan shop where there is still truth in the words “hand made.” They continually answer the demand for improvement in the 21st-century flute and piccolo with innovative design, new materials, and the most advanced precision tools. Burkart insruments truly live up to the motto “Precision that plays.” From the moment the first Burkart professional flute was introduced in 1996, Burkart-Phelan has led the way in design and materials innovation.

Adams always has Burkart flutes and piccolos in stock. Please find the current stock here.

Powell Flutes

Each Powell flute has a unique character, yet they all bear a striking family resemblance. Ultimately, a Powell flute or piccolo is crafted to the highest musical performance standard. Powell's Handmade Custom flutes have been the "gold standard" of the flute world for more than eight decades. They have been celebrated for their flexibility of color, ease of response, and reliability; this is why instruments made in the 1920s are still being played today in some of the world's greatest orchestras. Every Custom flute continues this tradition and is handmade to exacting specifications by Powell's skilled artisans in Maynard, Massachusetts. Every instrument is a highly functional tool as well as a stunning work of art. View our range of Powell flutes here. The choice is yours.


Muramatsu Flutes was founded in 1923 by Koichi Muramatsu and is probably the oldest Japanese flute maker. They build handmade flutes in silver, gold and platinum and the Muramatsu flutes are characterized by a full, rich tone and a very stable mechanism.

The range starts with the EX flutes, which have a silver headjoint and silver-plated body. The GX offers a silver headjoint and body, and the DS flutes are all silver. Gold flutes are built in 9K, 14K, 18K and 24K with silver or gold mechanism.

Adams always has Muramatsu flutes in stock. View our range of Muramatsu flutes here.

Yamaha Flutes

Torakusu Yamaha founded the Yamaha Company in 1897, which was originally only concerned with the production of pianos. It was only from 1965 that wind instruments were also built and now the company is a multinational that, in addition to musical instruments, also has its own music schools all over the world and, in addition to music, also deals with engines, kitchens, Hi-Fi equipment and software. Yamaha builds both study and handmade flutes, and especially the latter category is a bit undervalued in our opinion! The handmade flutes from Yamaha have a particularly rich sound and are equipped with a very reliable and pleasantly playable mechanism!

And let's be honest: who of us didn't start on a Yamaha flute?

We always have Yamaha flutes and piccolos in stock. View our Yamaha offer here.


Pearl Musical Instruments was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan by Katsumi Yanagisawa. Originally, the company was engaged in the production of music stands, accessories and percussion, but since 1968 flutes have also been built, both study instruments and handmade ones.

Unique to all Pearl flutes is the pinless mechanism, also with the beginner flutes! The range of beginner flutes is very complete, including alto flutes, bass flutes and a double bass. Pearl also produces piccolos in grenaditte and also with wooden head joints. The handmade Pearl flutes are without exception of high quality and available in various grades of silver and gold. See for yourself in the Pearl booth!

Adams always has a lot of flutes and piccolos from Pearl in stock. Here you will find our current range of Pearl instruments.


Altus is a Japanese brand that specializes in top quality handmade flutes, alto and bass flutes and flute headjoints. The flutes are mainly intended for the advanced amateur and professional. Altus markets products with the ideal combination of old-fashioned inspiration with modern technology. The flutes are made by Master Flute Maker Shuichi Tanaka,. Each flute model is a reflection of its ambition and creativity.

Adams always has Altus flutes in stock. You can find our current stock here.


Azumi is a sub brand of Altus flutes. The Azumi brand is specially made for the serious student and the ambitious flutist. The Azumi flutes are just as beautifully finished as many professional flutes. Furthermore, all Azumi flutes offer a choice of an S-cut and a Z-cut headjoint so that there is an Azumi flute for every flutist!

During the festival, all Azumi models are available, and the exhibitors are happy to answer all your questions about these beautiful flutes. But before you start asking questions; play it first!

Adams always has Azumi flutes in stock. You can find our current stock here.


One of the leading student flutes in the market today! The quality of Jupiter Flutes is recognized world-wide. Because flute-making is a combination of science and art, Jupiter constantly seeks the latest innovation in design and engineering to achieve ever higher standards in the manufacturing process. Jupiter produces flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes and even contra bass flutes. They also produce the wave flute, which is a unique instrument that enables very young and small children to play the flute without overstretching their arms! See for yourself in the Jupiter Booth!


The NUVO Flute series has been highly acclaimed by teachers and professional musicians around the world. As well as being perfect for young starters, the NUVO flute also makes an exciting alternate flute for a hobbyist or accomplished flute player. Give it a try! You will be surprised and thrilled by the loud and responsive tone.

Weighing just over half the weight of a traditional flute, the NUVO flute is also extremely durable and easy to maintain. Whether it’s in the classroom, in the concert hall, on the marching field or even out on the trail, the NUVO has become the favorite flute for all occasions around the world! Come by our booth and try them. You’ll be astonished!


The handmade Miyazawa flutes from Japan have been synonymous with the highest level of craftsmanship and perfection for many decades. Miyazawa combines these traditional crafts with the latest manufacturing techniques. Miyazawa handmade instruments are in a league of their own in terms of sound and quality. Every flutist has his/her individual ideas when choosing the right flute. All Miyazawa models offer you a rich spectrum of many different options to find the right variant for you. Each instrument is unique in terms of playing and sound.


Created by French flutemaker Michel Parmenon in 1979, Parmenon flutes is an outstanding French flute company.

Since its creation, the Parmenon workshop has been dedicated to producing high-end flutes, the result of a close collaboration between musician and craftsman.

In the 90’s a major step is taken: the workshop becomes a registered company. Parmenon flutes are exported worldwide and the catalog expands. The first gold flutes are made and a new line of flutes is created. Three other patents are then filed: Parmenon G# system (open G# with standard G# fingering) in 1992, Parmenon pads in 1999, and Parmenon stopper in 2006.

Remi Caron en Pierre Helou will be happy to meet you at the Parmenon booth and and tell you all about their amazing Parmenon Flutes!


Mancke Flutes was founded in 1986 by Christoph Mancke, in 1998 his son Tobias Mancke also joined the business and finally Tobias takes over the business in 2008. The entire company is being modernized and knows how to combine traditional techniques with modern, computer-controlled processes, resulting in high-quality head joints that are now played all over the world by both professional and amateur flutists. Tobias Mancke is one of the few exhibitors who has been at our fair since the very first festival and is always willing to let our visitors test his headjoints, both on the flute and the piccolo.

Adams always has Mancke headjoints in stock. View our range of Mancke headjoints here.


The William S. Haynes Company has been crafting some of the most globally revered and respected flutes and piccolos for over 120 years. Every Haynes flute is handcrafted to the customers exacting specifications. Flutists across the world enjoy the rich, full, colorful and even-scaled timbre over the full dynamic range for which Haynes flutes are known. Although many flutists are drawn to the unique tone with beauty of sound at its core, the Haynes flute allows for current trends to be a part of the tonal range. Wm. S. Haynes Co. offers a wide range of customizations for flutists of all levels, utilizing the modern Haynes scale of A=442 that has been highly praised by the world’s leading flutists. All Haynes flutes are handmade with the finest precious metals available with a choice of tubing thickness.

Adams always has a large number of Haynes flutes in stock.

Please look here for the current availability

Eva Kingma

When Eva Kingma came to help her uncle Dirk Kuiper in his flute studio in 1975, no one could have imagined that Eva would become one of the most appealing builders of large flutes in the world! Inspired by the old handicrafts, and by never ending conversations with master builders such as Albert Cooper, Bickford Brannen and Dana Sheridan, Eva managed to continuously feed her curiosity and broaden and enlarge the craft and now Eva Kingma flutes are the highest standard in the world of the lowest flutes! Sir James Galway, Emmanuel Pahud, but also all flutists of the Concertgebouw Orchestra play her flutes, and in between she also created the Kingma System, which enable you to play quarter tones on a flute! Eva has been at our fair since the very first festival and offers all visitors the unique opportunity to play a bass, double bass or even sub-contrabass flute.

Adams always has Eva Kingma flutes in stock. View our range of Eva Kingma flutes here.

Lev Levit

Constructed from only the highest quality materials and built using the most precise manufacturing processes, Levit Flutes are one of the finest flutes available. Scales and headjoint designs can be traced directly back to the work of Albert Cooper. Nearly all of the keywork was designed by Bickford Brannen for the Oston-Brannen flute — and is both comfortable and strong. The Levit Standard Flute meets the highest expectations of today’s flutists, and a full range of options is available at a reasonable cost. Come by our booth and meet Lev Levit and his flutes, and be impressed!


The Bulgheroni company was founded in 1947 by Luigi Bulgheroni and originally produced all kinds of woodwind and brass instruments. Gradually, however, the company specialized in oboes. In 1985 the piccolo was added to the range and very recently this range was expanded with wooden flutes.

The oboes and piccolos can now look forward to a steadily growing number of players, both professional and amateur, and we can therefore also take note of their wooden flutes at this year's festival!

Adams always has Bulgheroni instruments in stock. View our range of Bulgheroni instruments here.

CK Headjoints

Headjoints of the CK Headjoints brand impress first of all with their appearance. Designed in 2016 in collaboration with the flutist André Salm of the Bamberg symphonic orchestra, they were ready to go into serial production in 2019. The headjoints’ cane consists of rose brass (85% copper, 15% zinc) or red brass (95% copper, 5% zinc). Even Th. Böhm was of the opinion that next to silver, brass is the best material for the building of metal flutes.

The headjoints have a vintage look. Exceptionally, the embouchure plate is not formed from a silver plate, it is cast instead, which means that the mouth hole riser doesn’t have to be soldered on. The headjoints are available with a silver or gold finish or made entirely from precious metal. Additionally, the mouthpipes are available in different  onical types and the mouth hole is available in 2 different cuts, which allows for an individual selection and adaptation to the player.

Another newly designed feature is the tuning cork which is built into every CK Headjoint. Instead of a traditional head cork, there is a narrow rubber disc which doesn’t dampen the vibrations from the pipe as much, allowing for an easier response. Come by and meet these new head joints and their maker Christoph Kramer.

Edition Kossack

Edition Kossack from Germany is a sheet music publisher specializing in music for flute and piccolo. Owner Wolfgang Kossack has a nose for special flute music, both for flute solo and for flute in combination with various other instruments and large and small flute ensembles.

His publications are characterized by beautiful, atmospheric and colorful covers and clear notation. And all that for affordable prices. Visit Wolfgang at his stand during our Flute Festival and have a look what he has to offer. You can also listen to the music there before you buy it!

Di Zhao Flutes

Founded in 2006, Di Zhao Flutes' guiding philosophy is to provide superior instruments for serious young musicians in order to secure the future of music. Combining the craftsmanship and tradition of Boston’s finest flute makers with modern day production techniques of the world’s leading instrument factories, Di Zhao flutes are made with careful attention to precision in Tianjin, China where all workers are trained by Mr. Zhao. All Di Zhao flutes are tuned to A=442 and include handcut headjoints with undercuts and overcuts to make the sound quality full and easy to play. These high-quality instruments are able to achieve smooth key action, fast response and excellent resonance. Each flute is tested and adjusted with care by Di Zhao himself. Branching out into all aspects of flute production, Di Zhao manufactures top quality student flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes, wooden flutes and piccolo.

Sankyo Flutes

An obsession with sound is the driving force behind Sankyo. Founded by three men from humble beginnings, Kikuo Hisakura, Hideo Takei and Taichi Oki relentlessly pursued their vision of building handmade flutes not as simply a manufacturing process or science, but elevating flute-making to an art. They wanted to capture a sound that inspires and fulfils. When Hisakura, Takei and Oki formed their own company in 1968, they were motivated by their passion to express their technical expertise and more importantly, their artistry. They invested in their shared dream and built the first Sankyo flutes in a garage.

The Sankyo name can be divided into two Japanese words: SAN+KYO, where SAN means “three” and KYO which translates to “sound.” Thus, the “three sounds” is the foundation and represents the three founders and their pursuit of the essence of music: the intangible connections between craftsman–musician–audience. Sankyo flutes hold a secret within their walls. The extraordinary sound of a flute will come to life when it is played and loved by someone who matches it. That special connection of flute and flutist is the pride of Sankyo Flutes.


With 40 years of flute teaching experience, every part of producing Trübcher editions from researching, arranging, designing covers, editing and printing is cared for by me. We love meeting our customers and chatting about the music, flute teaching, arranging and the world generally. Colin binds the editions and does the financial side, but he is also a qualified and highly experienced English language teacher (he is Scottish!). Come and meet us. Browse through our editions to find that ‘something different’. They are printed on non-reflective, eco-friendly paper. We will be at our table every day of the festival. Looking forward to seeing you, Roz [Roz Trübger]

Flute Colors

Flute Colors is developing more and more as a kind of platform for anyone interested in modern playing techniques.

The Dutch flutist Rogier de Pijper spreads his enthusiasm through Flute Colors, but above all his knowledge of these playing techniques.

He does this by organizing courses and lessons, but also by publishing a Magazine and of course his Flute Colors books.

Rogier will man his own stand at the festival and provide everyone there with information. Because modern playing techniques are not only handy to master, but also fun to play!

Talk to Rogier, he knows all about it!


Flutopia organizes events for amateur flutists from the age of 20. What started with an annual summer course, soon grew into a full year program with, in addition to the summer week, a winter weekend and two orchestral projects. Participants come from all over the Netherlands and Belgium and have different levels. The strength of Flutopia is that everyone can participate in the activities at his or her own level and find sufficient challenge in them. Flutopia is organized by Ilonka Kolthof and Rogier de Pijper. Feel free to come and meet us at the stand.


Making music with other young flutists for a week. Who doesn't want that? For almost 10 years, Dwarsflutekamp has been organizing summer camps for young flutists aged 9 to 25 who have had lessons for at least 1 year. During the summer week, the participants follow activities with and without flute. Since last year it is possible for participants who are looking for more challenge to participate in the 16+ program. Whether you want to play flute for a week or seriously work on your flute playing, Dwarsfluitkamp is there for every young flutist. A team of teachers and volunteers will ensure that you have an unforgettable week and go home full of enthusiasm. Flute camp is organized by Rogier de Pijper.

Making the step up to a musical instrument offering professional features is an important decision for all musicians. The step-up instrument is the bridge that often transforms the budding student into the professional artist. Choosing the right instrument can lead to significant musical progress, as well as great success and accomplishment.
North Bridge offers a unique family of intermediate level flutes, which allow the flutist to find their musical voice and to develop a full, rich, and beautiful sound.

The flute headjoint is one of the most important components of the flute, providing the greatest contribution to the flute's tonal quality. All North Bridge flutes feature a sterling silver headjoint handmade in the USA by flute artisan Chris McKenna. For over 30 years, Chris McKenna has been crafting some of the finest flute headjoints available.


LefreQue Sound Bridge

LefreQue sound bridges improve the tuning and performance of all Woodwind & Brass instruments. We believe that a pure sound is key to enjoy making music. Pure sound starts with better tuning. Most wind instruments consist of two or more segments (i.e. mouthpiece / receiver, head joint / body / foot joint etc.) The joints between these segments influence the quality of sound in your instrument. LefreQue offers a revolutionary way to overcome the acoustical impact.

We want to help all wind players to create their best sound. How? LefreQue bridges the frequency-dependent resistance of the joints, so your tone can move freely through the material of the instrument. Given the right material combination and size for your specific instrument, the effect will be phenomenal. Our product line is suitable for all wind instruments and will empower all levels of players from beginner to top class professional.

International Flute Seminar Bruges

Since 2013, flute and piccolo players from more than 20 countries meet each other in the inspiring atmosphere of the monastery school of Zevenkerken near Bruges. The IFSB team welcomes participants from all over the world with all levels of playing from the youngsters on the junior day to avanced students and young professionals and a number of experienced teachers and keen amateurs. The teaching staff with Aldo Baerten, Blaz Snoj and Peter Verhoyen are assisted by Alexander technique teacher Helga Henckens, harpist Ann-Sofie Verhoyen, junior co    ach Annemie Verhoyen and course pianists Stefan De Schepper and Pieter-Jan Verhoyen. There are individual lessons, masterclasses, warming up and flute ensemble sessions, workshops on different topics, audition training as well as the opportunity to work with one another in smaller groups and perform in the final concerts. You can choose from different formulas (whole week, 1, 2, 3 … days, piccolo/flute intensive course, IFSB à la carte)

Check our website and Facebook page for more information and new about this years’ jubileum edition.

Song head joints

Has worked as an jewelry technician since his twenties, started developing a flute headjoint and its devices on the moment of attractive impression of a beautiful sound by a flutist playing in 2008.

Has been taught all technical ins and outs since in 2010 about the flute headjoint by Mr. Tanaka Shuichi, founder of Altus Flute.

His purpose is to develop and produce the excellent flute given credit by flute lovers.

Now, Song Flute Headjoints has been getting good reviews from flutists all over the world.

ALRY Publications

ALRY Publications est une maison d'édition primée fondée en 1981, avec plus de 2 000 compositions et arrangements de plus de 300 artistes. Le catalogue d'ALRY Publications comprend un large éventail de musique, du répertoire classique aux pièces contemporaines, des solos et des ensembles pour les musiciens de tous niveaux. La société est connue pour son engagement à produire des éditions de haute qualité, avec une notation précise et des parties et partitions claires et lisibles, dédiées à répondre aux besoins des joueurs et des éducateurs du monde entier. De plus, les catalogues de Metropolis Music Publishers, Digital Music Print, Megido Publications et Migdal Publishing sont également disponibles via ALRY.

Scherzo Editions

Scherzo Editions is an online music publisher that sells musical scores, arrangements, Cd’s, Dvd’s, books and other accessories related to music and music instruments. It provides clients with the opportunity to order pieces/arrangements, maintaining the advantage of a bridge between music performers and composer, through an ongoing information and advice service.

Wessel flutes

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer que les flûtes étonnantes de Wessel sont désormais de retour en pleine production et offrent aux musiciens exigeants l'opportunité unique de posséder l'une des flûtes faites à la main les plus remarquables disponibles aujourd'hui. De nombreux musiciens célèbres ont eu le plaisir de posséder et de jouer sur ces flûtes au plus haut niveau pendant de nombreuses années et c'est notre honneur de continuer la production de ces instruments distingués. Sous l'œil attentif de Stephen Wessel lui-même et fabriquées avec amour dans le Sussex par notre petite équipe d'artisans hautement qualifiés, nous nous assurons que la production de ces instruments merveilleux se poursuivra pendant de nombreuses années à venir.

Jonathan Myall

Lederer Houtblaasinstrumenten
Fluter Scooter

Andrea Fisher, fondatrice de Fluterscooter Bags, a eu l’idée de Fluterscooter il y a 12 ans parce qu’elle voulait un sac à flûte plus à la mode pour elle-même. L’entreprise s’est maintenant développée pour être vendue dans plus de 250 magasins dans le monde entier et sa branche personnalisée en pleine croissance comprend des partenariats avec Martin Guitars, Mollard Conducting Batons et Brannen Flutes, pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns. Les sacs ont même attiré l’attention de Lizzo, qui a récemment porté son sac en cuir verni rouge au Met Gala !

Ses nouveaux sacs sont également respectueux de l’environnement, fabriqués à partir de plus de 50 % de bouteilles en plastique recyclées et certifiés par le Global Recycled Standard.

Galerie de photos

Photos: Anette Kempers