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Showcase Powell

Dimanche 23 avril 2023 | 14:45 - 15:30 | Salle A

Daniel Sharp, manager of Powell Flutes in Boston, presents the latest news from the Powell workshop.

First up is the Legend flute: a wooden flute, built entirely of Mopane wood, with 14K gold ribs, posts and rings and a silver mechanism. Beautifully rich and warm wood sound and a fantastic design!

The 1927 Powell headjoint brings the color and clarity of the vintage Powell flutes from the founding year of 1927 to the present day. Adapted to the modern demand for projection, but with that nostalgic elegance and flexibility of the past!

Elaborating on the concept of the 1927 headjoint, a new flute was also created: the charm, flexibility and simplicity of the flute from the early period, combined with the modern technology and scale, but also contemporary projection. This resulted in the "Vintage" flute.

Get to know these novelties straight from the Powell workshop!