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Helga Henckens

Helga Henckens (Belgium) worked as a teacher and as director in a Freinet primary school. Her interest in dance, singing and theatre and the link between body, mind and mouvement brought her towards eastern techniques such as Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Buqi as well Body Mind Centering. Besides her private practice, she teaches the Alexander Technique in Conservatorium in Antwerp and movement and Alexander Technique workshops for Wisper in Louvain.

From her experience as danser, she also offers dancing/movement classes based on the principles of the Alexander technique. 

Alexander technique:

  • takes you along in a learning process to move more easily with less effort
  • teaches you that your body will function well, when you use it well
  • deals with “bad” habits and offers you the means to come to a better and more consciously way of moving
  • works with respect to the natural mechanisms of our skeleton and muscles and improves the well being of our body
  • is accessible for all those who choose for coordinated thinking and movement in day to day activities
  • makes the psycho-physical “being” more harmonious and our energy consumption more balanced
  • is being taught in individual lessons. The teacher guides the pupil with verbal instructions and specific contact/touches which are inherent to the technique

More information: (AEFMAT Belgische vereniging voor Alexander Techniek)