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Ge Chen

Ge Chen was born in 1991. She began to play piano at the tender age of 4. Under her father's guidance, she began to learn percussion. In 2004, she was admitted to the Affiliated High School of the Central Conservatory of Music and studied under the guidance of Professor Zhao Ji of the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2010, she won a full scholarship from Cleveland, USA, and studied under the guidance of Tom Freer, chief percussion player of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, and Gwen Burgett, a Marimbist and percussionist. In 2014, Ge Chen won the admission to the Strasbourg Conservatory of Music in France and studied under the guidance of Emmanuel Séjourné, a world-renowned percussion composer/percussionist.

In recent years, Ge Chen has successfully held many arts festivals, such as China (Shenzhen) Culture Expo Art Festival, International Percussion Competition, and Jianli Percussion Art Festival, Shanxi Poly Grand Theater Huimin Project "Changfeng Night", Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra's Classical Leader Series Concert in China Resources Land Art Space, and PASIC Ohio Percussion Festival of the American Percussion Association. At the same time, Ge Chen and her father jointly founded a Fengdong percussion ensemble. Ge Chen served as artistic director, planning and participating in numerous concerts, which received enthusiastic responses from all walks of life.

In 2018, Belgian composer and percussionist Chin-cheng Lin's <Marimba Concerto No.7 The Legend of White snake >, commission and written for Ge Chen, made a tour premiere in China. She also invited as soloist performance with the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Harbin Symphony Orchestra, Hebei Symphony Orchestra, Xinghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra, and Shanxi University Philharmonic Orchestra respectively, which has received high attention and favorable comments from the industry.