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André Gilbert

Ile de France Symphonic Orchestra, principal tuba

Rueil- Malmaison Regional Conservatory, euphonium – tuba teacher

Paris National Conservatory, tuba assistant - teacher

Andre Gilbert studies saxhorn and tuba with Francois Poullot, solo tuba with the Garde Republicaine Wind Orchestra, at Rueil Malmaison conservatory. In Paris National Conservatory he got 1st prize saxhorn (1981) and 1st prize tuba (1982).

3rd prize at the international contest Markneukirchen (1984) and 1st prize at the t.u.b.a. contest Austin (1986).

At the age of 21 André Gilbert was principal tuba of "Concerts Colonne" Symphonic Orchestra (1980 - 1984).

Since 1984 principal tuba at the Ile de France Symphonic Orchestra.
He plays also with Symphonic Orchestras in Paris and provinces.

Andre made several tours to Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan with the French Brass. He is member of Aeolus Brass-Band, several times winner of French Brass-band championship.
Teacher of Saxhorn, Euphonium and Tuba at Rueil Malmaison Regional Conservatory since 1996.
Tuba Assistant - teacher at Paris National Conservatory since 2012.

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