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Amadinda Percussion Group has been formed in 1984 in Budapest by four musicians, just after having graduated from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. When founding the ensemble central point of their activity has been double. On one hand to present masterpieces of percussion music, unknown to the Hungarian audience so far, on the other hand to perform the music of Hungarian contemporary composers in their country and abroad. One of their principal intention is to inspire Hungarian and international composers to create new pieces.

During the recent years three more new elements have been added to their aims: research of traditional percussion cultures, composing new pieces by the members of the group and transcribing outstanding pieces of music history for percussion instruments. From the very beginning Amadinda has cooperated with Adams Musical Instruments and world famous artists like John Cage, Bruno Canino, Peter Eötvös, Rosemary Hardy, András Keller, Zoltán Kocsis, György Kurtág, György Ligeti, András Schiff. Nowadays Amadinda is considered as one of the most original and versatile percussion group all over the world.
Amadinda is: Zoltán Rácz, Zoltán Váczi, Aurél Holló, Karoly Bojtos.



Omschrijving Prijs
Adams Bass Drum GEN 2 FS 32 x 18
Concert Bass Drum, Generation II, Free Suspended 32" x 18" (2BDIIF32)
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Adams BKL5203
Buisklokkenspel BKL5203 Gen II, 1,5 octaaf, bereik C5-F6, Philharmonic, Satin Finish, in hoogte verstelbaar (2BKIIPL15)
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Adams GAT33
Glockenspiel Artist, GAT33, 3.3 okt., C5-E8 High-Grade Round Top Parsifal Steel bars 30 mm, Traveler Frame w/ reversible damper system (2KSA2STT33)
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Adams MAHC43
Marimba Artist Classic, MAHC43, 4 1/3 okt., A2-C7, bars 67-40 mm, Voyager Frame (2MBA2HRC43)
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Adams MAHC50
Marimba Artist Classic, MAHC50, 5 okt., C2-C7, bars 72-40 mm, Voyager Frame (2MBA2HRC50)
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Adams 6TBKO
Templeblocks 6-delig kompleet ( is met standaard en mallets ) (2TB6KO)
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Adams XC1HV40
Xylophone Concert, XC1HV40, 4.0 okt., C4-C8, Quint Tuned, bars 48-40 mm, Voyager Frame (2XFC1HRV40)
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Adams Concert Cymbal Stand
Concert Cymbal Standaard Adams, aflegstandaard, Bekkenwegzet kompleet (4BWST)
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Trap Table Adams 185
Mallet tafel Adams 185, compleet 20", voor mallets en toebehoren, (standaard model) (185) (4MTST)
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