Solist Series

Featuring the dampening mechanism of the Artist and Concert Series and the height adjustable Voyager frame, the Solist Vibraphone has multiple features that make it an excellent choice for intermediate students and gigging professionals. The Solist Series has graduated bars that are slightly smaller than the Artist and Concert Series, but still resonate and project with a full, large sound. The Solist is the only Adams vibraphone model to include a low E as part of its 3.1 octave range. A newly updated, quiet drive motor has a control panel easily accessible on the rail closest to the player. Lightweight and portable, the Solist Series quickly and easily disassembles for transport.

New Alpha tuning system creates the most in-tune, open, and resonant keyboard available.
3.1 Octaves of Aluminum bars now available in both gold and silver finishes. Extended Range Low E is excellent for jazz.
Newly designed, optional motor features quiet belt drive operation, easy to use controls, adjustment between 40-140 RPM with digital display panel, and a worldwide power supply adapter kit for use between 110-220V. The Solist Series motor control panel is conveniently located on the rail closest to the player for quick access.
The spring tension mechanism provides precise adjustment of damper bar and foot pedal pressure. The spring is easily accessible and adjustable from light to firm pedal action depending on the player’s preference.
Adjustable height rails and damper bars allow for fine tuning of the dampening pressure applied against the bars.
Voyager and Field Frame System options easily adjust to the player’s height.
Field Frames include an accessory bar for multi-percussion setups.
Vinyl wrapped rails and powder coated resonators for durability.
Resonators feature welded construction, and are suspended from the frame on rubber isolation mounts, eliminating the possibility of any mechanical noise or vibration.
Optional wide dampener pedal
Includes drop cover and 1 pair of VR3 mallets
Soft Bag sets and flight cases are available foprotection during transport.