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Rogier de Pijper

Rogier de Pijper is a Dutch flutist who has specialized in modern flute playing techniques over the years.

Rogier de Pijper started his project Flute Colors in 2011. A project in which Rogier is committed to making modern flute playing techniques accessible to flutists, composers and listeners. In 2016 his book Flute Colors was published with 112 exercises to improve flute playing through the use of modern playing techniques. The book is sold all over the world and its website is visited by thousands of people every month.

With the project, Rogier is also committed to expanding the flute repertoire. Inspired by the website, several composers wrote works for him, including Sandro Fazzolari (Italy) and Gregory Glancy (America).

Rogier is active as a soloist, has performed in various orchestras and organizes summer courses for amateur flutists of all ages.

Rogier studied at the conservatories of Rotterdam, The Hague and Tilburg. Until 2013 he was a teacher of modern playing techniques at the Tilburg Conservatory.