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Is a group that makes music starting from their own body, elevating the body percussion to a very technical virtuosity.

Rhythms, movements, dances, choreographies all blend together into an exciting performance, unique in the world as unique as their repertoire.
Everything is designed to fascinate and capture the audience. Inspired by the primordial pulse which created the world, each rhythm born from the heartbeat, life’s origin.

Since their debut in 2010 with Ritmo Live Multhietnic Orchestra this group of talented and passionated percussionists decide to give life to a new project.
Outstave stands out on the national and international audience with great innovations derived from creating music from the body. Innovations as cultural as educational and sensorial, which lead the members to spread their art into schools, cultural foundations, events and far reaching shows, as well as collaborating with great artists and working for film and spot soundtracks.

Outstave spreads with passion and competence Drum Circle and Body Circle, according to the MGA method.

It carries out regularly both a programm of events and training workshop in Italy and many countries of the world with the main intent to foster the well being of the people and community in the practice of the rhythm.

It is dedicated to the execution of original pieces in the field of World Music and contemporary music. The percussionist Maria Grazia Armaleo is the artistic director, creator and composer.

They performed in hundreds of co ncerts for prestigious associations and institutions, including Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Talos Festival Ruvo in Puglia , Adams International Percussion Festival Holland , International
Percussion Festival (PV), Musikmesse Frankfurt am Main, Filarmonica Laudamo,“V. Bellini” Accademy, Teatro Stabile in Verona, Auditoriun Cavour in Catania, University of Messina, Giardino Corallo with “Almamegretta”,
Centro Multiculturale Officina, Accademia Filarmonica, Conservatorio “A. Corelli”, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra (Pamplona), Escuela Municipal de Mùsica “J. R. Ugarta” de Estella – Lizarra, Percussionifestival –
Teatro Savoia in Campobasso, “The Tabernacle” in London, schools and in places of worship such as the Cathedral of Messina, S. Antonio Basilica, Canicattini Bagni Duomo, Cathedral of Noto (SR), S. Francesco di Paola, and many others, achieving resounding success from audience and critics.

The group has published three Cds and many musical videos. During its career, it has received numerous awards. The piece “Cecenia” was awarded the International Prize of Composizione Audiovisiva Marzio Rosi edition 2018.

Since 2019 the group is sponsored by Adams Instruments.