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Li Jingjing

Li Jingjing, working for the China National Symphony Orchestra, is a national first-level performer. She graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music with a master's degree from the China Conservatory of Music and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In 2010, she won the second prize of the professional group in the Second International Percussion Competition in China, and served as a backbone member of the Jianli Percussion Group.

At the Modern Music Festival held by the Central Conservatory of Music, she successfully performed the famous Chinese composer Jia Guoping's “Suiying" (Shadow), Wang Xilin's “Si" (Think), He Shaoying's "Percussion Trio", Liu Changyuan's "Qi" (Cry), Jin Xiang's "Chinese Calligraphy", Chinese-American composer Zhou Wenzhong's "Gu Ying" (Answer from Valley), together with other percussion solo, ensemble works, most of which are world premiere and domestic premiere. Li Jingjing was highly praised by composers and experts based on her high level performance. She was then invited to participate in the opening concert of “Door to Music“ Percussion Concert held by the Beijing Concert Hall, bringing the appeal of music to thousands of children. She has participated in many art festivals, including the Alikan Percussion Art Festival in Spain. She has traveled to dozens of countries and areas in Europe, the Americas and Asia to hold hundreds of tours.

Li Jingjing's performance has been highly praised by the percussion industry and international professionals. She has been described as “With the highest essence of music, her hands are able to fly over mountains and waters during the performance of difficult pieces. She has performed with Keiko Abe in concert, and gave successful interpretation of Abe’s "Wind in the Bamboo Grove", "The Wave" and many other famous works.

Li Jingjing's artistic talent, sensitive response, super explosive power, diversified playing style, passionate and inspiring stage performance allows her acting and playing naturally blend into one, which strongly captivate the audience.