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Marcos Santos

Marcos Santos was born in Brasília – Brazil, trumpet player, composer and educator . He began his musical studies in 1994 with Maestro Romero Calassa. Between 1995 and 1999 he studied at the Sesi Music conservatory with conductor Zenon de Castro. During this period studied in conservatories and music schools of Brasilia, made several training courses in popular trumpet technique, harmony, practical sets and groups, big bands and symphonic band among others.

Throughout his career he was guided by teachers masters like: Ian Guest, Nailson Simoes, Moises Alves, Daniel D'Alcantara, Jesse Zadok, Ademir Junior, Vitor Santos, Sidmar Vieira, conductor Manoel Carvalho, Duda, Helena Herrera and Joel Barbosa.

Marcos Santos is graduating in music and has a degree in Business Administration. He is also entrepreneur.

He released his first CD with instrumental Brazilian songs and own compositions. It is currently one of the members of the Quintet SoundJazz and member of the Christian Orchestra Brazil - OCBRAS, conducted by Joel Barbosa.

One of his recent work is the recording of their second album whose title ARCHITECTURAL was recorded with trumpets Adams models (A4 - LT) and (Flugel). The repertoire of his CD is formed by own compositions.

Some of his performances are shows with renowned Brazilian artists and abroad, such as: Peter Knudsen (Swedish pianist), João Donato, Joshua Lopes, Marcelo Mariano, Sidimar Vieira, Jamil Joanes, Daniel D`alcantara, Rafael Rocha, Alexandre Carvalho, Pedro Martins, Felipe Viegas, Daniel Castro, Serge Frasunkiewicz, Flavinho Silva, Moises Alves, Ademir Junior, Vitor Santos, Oswaldo Amorin, Nema Antunes, Rex Richard, Mara Beau, Erivelton, Leonel Laterza, Juana Duah, Adil Silva, Marcelo Maia, Bruno Medina, Hamilton Pinheiro, Marcelo Mariano, Fernando Merlindo, Joel Barboza, Paulo André, Renato Vasconcellos, Sergio Galvão, Alex Queiroz, Serge Frasunkiewicz, Di Steffano, Rafael dos Anjos, Ellen Oleria, Allen Bridges, Indiana Nomma, Alissa Sanders, Romulo Gomes, Idriss Boudrioua, José Cabreira, Irving Action and the popular singers duo Bruno and Marrone in which he served for nearly 10 years as a musician and arranger.

Marcos Santos has made efforts to popularize the art of musical improvisation, especially with the formation of new talents. He has been making masterclasses, lectures and made several presentations in auditoriums for music professionals and young musicians wishing to develop the art of improvisation for trumpet and other musical instruments.