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Fabinho Costa

Trumpet player, composer and arranger.

Fabinho Costa was born in 1977 in the city of Recife, Brazil. In 1985 he began his musical career as a trumpeter, playing in the school band Guararapes Foundation.

From school band to a professional career
In 1990 Fabinho started playing in the Recife nightlife, playing with some dance orchestras conducted by the maestro Fernando Borges. In this same period he played as a member of the Youth Orchestra of Recife under conductor Carmelo Bartholomew.

From 1993 Fabinho played in the Symphonic Band of the Pernambuco Federal Technical  School, and in 1997 he started playing in the Symphonic Band “Maestro Ferrolho”.

Fabinho Costa played at all major jazz festivals around the world and with the most prominant Brazilian pop artists.


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