12th Adams International Flute Festival

Vendredi 21 avril 2017


Workshop The Innovate Flute

Sophie Dufeutrelle

Come to discover and perform La Volière du Puy/Le Puy Aviaries, composition of Sophie Dufeutrelle!

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Workshop directie


Do you sometimes conduct a group of flutists? Do you think you could do it better, simpler, more efficient, if you only knew how? Then this a workshop for you!

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Workshop The New Flute

Tilmann Dehnhard

The New Flute - An introduction to modern playing techniques of the flute

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Workshop Alexander Techniek

Helga Henckens

F M Alexander: "When you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself"

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Workshop Breath and Balance

Niall O'Riordan

Improve your Flute Playing from the Inside Out with the The Feldenkrais Method®

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Workshop Ademhaling

Irene Hulst

This workshop is about one of the most important aspects of playing flute: Breathing.

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Rogier de Pijper

Rogier de Pijper - Fluit Paolo Gorini - piano

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Showcase LefreQue

Nicole Esposito

Dutch International Flute Competition

Today the Finals of the Dutch International Flute Competition for Bachelor and Master students will take place during the Flute Festival. This competition is organized by the Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours.

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Lunchbreak Concert

Natalia Jarząbek

Natalia Jarzabek – Flute Pieter-Jan Verhoyen – Piano Programme: 1. T. Boehm – Grande Polonaise, op. 16 2. F. Chopin – Variations on a Theme by Rossini for flute and piano 3. R. Muczynski – Sonata for flute and piano, op. 14

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