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Mo, Hanyin

Regarded as one of the best percussionists of his generation, Mo, Hanyin has always manifested an innate, natural, and insatiable passion in music. Mo stared learning the piano at age 6, and later turned to percussion at age 11, studying with Prof. Zhang, Zhong at Sichuan Conservatory of Music (SCCM) in a professional manner.

After graduating from the Affiliated Middle School of SCCM in 2002, Mo went to Austria to further his study in percussion. Mo obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Kunst University Graz, Austria in 2008, under the tutorship of Professors Ulrike Stadler and Gerald Fromme. Admitted as the only student of the Department of Percussion Performance, Mo spent his last years as a student at University Mozateum of Austria since 2009, where he studied with a distinguished percussionist, Prof. Peter Sadlo. In that of Mo’s excellence in both academia and artistry, he completed his MA program in 2011.

Mo had accumulated a lot of professional experiences during the nine years that he spent in Austria. As a collaborative performer, Mo worked with various performance groups such as Austrian Chamber Music Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Mozarteum, Graz Recreation Symphony Orchestra, Salzburg Youth Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra, and Via Nova Percussion Group. As a soloist and an ensemble player, Mo toured in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, France, and Croatia. Meanwhile, Mo had made recordings for and got interviewed by the Austrian National TV, and played the Marimba for their featured program, “Marimba’s Development.” Moreover, Mo had participated in various music festivals, like IKMMA Marimba Festival, Summer Academie Salzburg, and International Masterclass in Haus Marteau, Germany, working with world’s eminent percussionists, e.g., Peter Sadlo, Katarzyna Mycka, Nancy Zeltsman, Bogdan Bacanu, and Emmanuel Sejourne. In the Bulgarian International Percussion Competition of 2009, the committee awarded Mo the preeminent honor of “the Best Timpanist” to reward his unpaired mastery in the most important non-soloistic percussion, timpani.

Since 2011, Mo started his career as a teacher at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and undertook the solo Timpani of SCCM Symphony Orchestra. As a teacher, Mo strives to exploit every extent that a teacher may need to do for the students. The extraordinary professional achievements that Mo’s students had made since 2011, had proven Mo’s assiduous work as a passionate teacher. Since Mo’s students had won numerous awards in competitions, he reasonably received the honor of the Excellent Instructor in several sessions.

Most recently, Mo started to gain more attentions amongst professionals as a teacher. Upon receiving invitations from various professional organizations, Mo teaches masterclasses, participates in a lot of music festivals, presents in academic-exchanges activities, and serves as the Chair of the Jury Committee of some competitions, such as the percussion competition of Silpakorn University of Thailand, “Jianli” International Percussion Festival, and “Shenyang” Festival of Young Percussionists.

Mo’ experience of studying overseas for more than ten years, and his faithful pursuit of music lay a solid foundation of his artistry, shown in his absolute command of over 100 different percussion instruments. After returned to China, Mo has always been trying to find a perfect blend of the musical traditions of the East and the West, and attempted such intention through collaborating with many peer musicians. His entangled sensibility and rationality in music bring a kaleidoscopic brilliance into his performance, known as being musically colorful, creatively original, and breathtakingly elegant.

Mo never ceases furthering his exploration in music, especially percussion music. In 2015, Mo founded both the Han-Yue Exchange Center for Culture and Arts, and the Han-Yue Percussion Ensemble, serving as the sole artistic director since the inauguration.