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Zhang, Jingli

Zhang Jingli, a well-known percussionist, graduated from the Central Conserva-tory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing and went to Germany to further her study in percussion and obtained her master and doctoral degree there. She was a member of the China National Symphony Orchestra and the China Philharmonic Orchestra. Currently, she is an associate percussion professor at CCOM and a master's supervisor of the China Conservatory of Music. She is the principal of Jianli Percussion Ensemble, the music director for the China International Percussion Competition and also the judge of the Korea International Percussion Competition and the International Hong Kong Percussion Competition.

As a professional percussionist for more than a decade, Jingli has toured over thirty countries and regions around the world and has been working with numerous orchestras, like Canada Philharmonic Orchestra (Vancouver), Baden Baden Philharmonic Orchestra of Germany, Nipponic Symphony Orchestra of Japan, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Central Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Jiangsu Symphony Orchestra, Hebei Symphony Orchestra, Kunming Symphony Orchestra, Hefei Opera & Dance Drama Theater, Symphony Orchestra of Lanzhou Opera & Dance Drama Theatre, Shandong Symphony Orchestra, Xi’an Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Harbin Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra of Tianjin Opera and Dance House, Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra of China Conservatory, Beijing Wind Orchestra, Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.

Zhang Jingli founded Jianli Percussion Ensemble at the end of 1990. The members are all famous percussionists ,all members graduated from Central Conservatory of Music with high attainments in percussion. Most of them are trained abroad and obtained advanced degrees in music, and serve for Beijing top-notch ensembles or academies. These young percussionists are all of high professional competence, rich in performance experience with a wide range of repertoire. They are recognized and praised by the audience and is regarded as a unique ensemble by their domestic and foreign peers. The ensemble has performed around the country for hundreds of performances with warm welcome and applauses from the audience. In recent years, Jingli has extensively promoted the ensemble to cooperate with international peers at stage. These international communications and cooperation have greatly enhanced the relationship between percussion ensembles. Meanwhile, it also allows people around the world get to know the development of China's percussion, making great contribution to the percussion development and improving the position of percussion in field of music both in China and worldwide.