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SR9 Trio


SR9 Trio promotes a creative vision of the current Western percussions. Attached to the classical musical heritage, they are actively involved with careful rereading and transcriptions for 3 marimbas of emblematic scores.

Foto credits Claudia Hansen

Since its creation in 2010 at the CNSMD of Lyon, SR9 Trio performs in France and worldwide, notably in the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

SR9 Trio is regularly invited to give Master Class in following places : Juillard School (New York), New York University, McGill University (Montréal), Boston Conservatory and in many french Conservatories.

SR9 Trio won Luxembourg International Competition (First Prize, Press Prize and Audience Prize) in 2012.
Paul Changarnier, Nicolas Cousin and Alexandre Esperet are three young and curious musicians and they definitely express themselves in a wide range of performances. They like to collaborate with various artists to explore other artistic fields, including dance and theater, and create new projects where all disciplines merge into one creative expression. On the occasion of the GRAME Days 2015 in Lyon, SR9 Trio created its first show called MACHINE(s) with the composers Pierre Jodlowski and Benoit Montambault. The same year, the Trio is touring in France with the show C O R P O R E L S that reveals a mix of contemporary writing and other forms of living art related to motion.
SR9 Trio is sponsored by ADAMS percussions, RESTA-JAY percussions and regularly receives assistance from the Fondation Banque Populaire, SPEDIDAM, ADAMI, Bureau Export and Institut Français.

The SR9 trio plays Adams Alpha marimbas exclusively.

SR9 Trio's Adams Gear