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Joris Minten

Joris Minten studied at the Jazz department of Maastricht and Amsterdam with Rob Bruynen and Jan Oosthof.

Joris has toured with numerous national and international showcases including Belle Perez, El Tattoo del Tigre, The Jay Horns, The Temptations, Four Tops, Greatest Hits Tour Q Music met o.a. Level 42, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Kool & the Gang, The Three Degrees, Elvis the Concert, Berget Lewis, Waylon and Rob de Nijs. He has also participated in numerous radio and tv shows, album and dvd recordings.

He is a member and c o-founder of the Elite Horns,  a 4-part professional horn-section being featured in studio recordings, tv- and radio-shows and live performances.

Besides his musical playing, Joris conducts the Lighttown Big Band Eindhoven and the Schunck Big Band Heerlen.

Joris plays an Adams A5 Custom Series trumpet.

Joris about the A5:
The best way to describe the A5 is to compare it with coming home. It feels so comfortable and familiar and I feel really confident playing it.
It felt really special to be on the team developing this instrument together with such an amazing player as Frank Greene. It was the first time in my life that I went that “deep” into the matter of a trumpet. We worked our asses off, working on the smallest details. Together with Miel Adams and his team we substantially raised the standard.

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