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Yamaha YTR 988

Piccolo Trompet Yamaha YTR 988, rotary model, 4 cilinders, verzilverd

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Artikelnummer: 1TPPYM988


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Waarom Adams?

  • Moderne reparatieafdeling
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"Trumpet model YTR-988 targeting the professional and high level amateurs"

New designed body and adjustable hook
New leadpipe assemblies (Bb/A)
More thin bell
Mouthpiece: TR11A5
Case: new TRC-810 double case with strap

Bb/A Trumpet

Color/Finish: Silver-plated

Weight: Light

Bell Diameter: 97.9mm (3-15/16")

Bore Size: S: 10.38mm (0.409")

Material: Yellow brass

Key: Bb/A

Case: TR-11A5

Mouthpiece: Leadpipes for Bb or A

Development Artist: Jens Lindeann

Acclaimed soloist Jens Lindemann has been the consultant for the Yamaha rotary piccolo trumpet, and Yamaha took a time to develop for 20 years. The YTR-988 incorporates many original ideas that result in improved interval control, ease of playability and tubing with a completely original shape.

Rotary Valve “Light-Touch” Mechanism

New rotary valves allow excellent playability without stress. A light valve action allows the player to concentrate on musical expression.

Adjustable Thumbhook (Movable Fingerhook)

We believe that “easy to hold means easy to play” and have adopted an adjustable thumbhook, allowing for adjustment of the orientation of the
fixing ring or positional changes to suit the style of the player. This feature allows more stability when holding the instrument.
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