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Getzen 4147IB

Tenor Trombone Getzen 4147IB, Custom Reserve, Ian Bousfield, openwrap, kwartventiel, goldbrass beker, gelakt

€ 5.020,-

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From top to bottom, Getzen Trombones are known around the world for their playability and durability. The same important construction techniques used to make Custom Series Trombones so widely respected, are put into practice during the making of all of our trombone lines.

So what makes Getzen trombones so well respected? The most important thing is the slide. Every Getzen Trombone features nickel silver inside slide tubes. These tubes are chrome plated to ensure that they stand up to the tests of time, and each tube is barrel-shaped to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible slide action. In addition, each slide tube is drawn using special tooling designed specifically for drawing the straightest possible trombone tubes. This, and the fact that every tube is straightened by hand, guarantees that you won't find a trombone slide anywhere that is faster or smoother than a Getzen.

In addition to the finest slides, Getzen Trombones also feature top quality hand-spun bells in a variety of gauges and metals. The upper line trombones feature several optional bells designed to meet the needs of the specific player. Getzen Eterna and Custom Series trombones feature conventional and axial flow valves respectively. Each of which are manufactured to highest possible standards.

In 1992, the Getzen Company took a serious step into the trombone market with the introduction of the Custom Series line of professional trombones. Innovative designs and superior craftsmanship quickly established trombones like the 3047AF and 3062AFR as some of the best in the industry. Ever since, Getzen Custom Series trombones have been at the top of the list for professional trombonists all over the world. And now, nearly twenty years later, Getzen has taken another leap forward with the all new Custom Reserve line of professional trombones.

For years, manufacturers have launched higher end models to augment their existing lines. In most cases however, these new instruments are nothing more than a slightly dressed up version of a previous model with a fancy name and higher price tag. Getzen chose to take a different approach.

Three years in the making, the first instrument launched under the new Custom Reserve name is an all new design from the ground up. Decades of trombone building and consulting with musicians around the world combined to create a trombone with the feel and response every player wants with the sound and resonance they demand. It is truly the best of both worlds. Almost every part of the new 4047DS was designed specifically with this in mind. The bell, leadpipe, rotor, neckpipe, end crook, tuning slide, bracing, and wrap are all exclusive to the 4047DS and unlike anything else in the Getzen line. Finally, there is an extreme, high end Getzen trombone that musicians not only want, but that they deserve.

Large Bore Tenor Trombone with Griego Custom CS5 Mouthpiece*

  • Bore Size: .547 Bore

  • Tuning Slide: Rose brass bow; single radius taper

  • Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes

  • (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)

  • Yellow brass outside tubes with 3" wide nickel silver end crook and nickel silver over sleeves

  • Solid nickel silver cork barrel assembly

  • Bell: 8 ½", rose brass with unsoldered rim; "B" Mandrel

  • Mouthpiece: Griego CS5

  • Valves: Open Wrap F Attachment

  • Getzen PowerBore Rotor

4147IB Options

  • Custom Etching Available


Originally developed for the Edwards T396-A trombone, the patented Harmonic Pillar system allowed musicians to acoustically tune their instrument for the first time. A singular version of that revolutionary tool is now available from Getzen on the all new 4147IB Custom Reserve. The 4147IB comes standard with two different pillars; a hard and a soft alloy. In essence, giving trombonists the power to choose between three different trombone setups. The hard pillar, the soft pillar, or no pillar at all. Regardless of which is selected, players will immediately notice a dramatic effect on the feel, response, and resonance of the trombone, allowing them to dial in the 4147IB to meet their performance needs.

Among the long list of Getzen firsts on the 4147IB is an all new concept and approach to the outer handslide cross brace. The entire brace design was examined with performance and comfort in mind. Every aspect of the brace from the material, dimensions, weight, and location were fine tuned to match the 4147IB perfectly. Perhaps the first thing a player will notice is the more comfortable feel of the larger diameter brace. While playing, discerning trombonists will realize that the weight, alloy, and location combine to add balance to the handslide. Improving everything from slide action and responsiveness to the overall,intimate feel of the new trombone.

Similar to the 4047DS, the 4147IB utilizes several, sophisticated bracing concepts within the bell section. Most noticeable is the Getzen "DS" double edge brace system. This system eliminates the tension inherent within traditional bracing. In addition to the "DS" bracing, the 4147IB also features an Asymmetrical Bracing system first developed for the 4047DS. Asymmetrical Bracing incorporates both nickel silver and yellow brass alloys to create a less invasive bracing setup. Together, the bracing systems combine to free both the F attachment and bell from the diminished resonance and responsiveness typical of modern day trombone bracing designs.
The 4147IB Custom Reserve is available in a Getzen exclusive fiberglass shell case. The case features adjustable interior padding and backpack straps. It is one of the smallest large bore, tenor trombone cases on the market today providing more protection than a traditional gig bag while remaining lightweight.

Getzen offers two high quality finish options. One is our specially formulated, baked epoxy lacquer that shows off the natural color of the instrument. The other is our signature silver plate with a brightness that is unmatched in the industry.

Not all finishes are offered on all models. Check individual model options to determine availability.

Clear Lacquer

Clear lacquer is the most economical of all finish options. The durable finish protects the brass from tarnishing while allowing the natural beauty of the metals to shine through.

Bright Silver Plate

Bright silver plate is a very popular finish with most musicians. It provides a bright, uniform finish to the instrument while protecting the brass from tarnishing. Silver can become tarnished over time however and requires occasional cleaning or polishing to maintain its bright shine.


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