Promark RBH535TW

Promark RBH535TW


Schlagzeugstöcke Drums Promark RBH535TW, Rebound Balance, Hickory (7A) .535", Länge 16", Tear Drop, hölzern tip

Artikelnummer: 5SMLDHPMR535

15,65 13,30

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Schlagzeugstöcke Drums mit taschen

Produkt Information

Promark 7A

The Promark 7A is made of the popular Hickory wood due to the fact that it is durable, responsive, flexible and has that classic feel. On this stick Pro Mark made a modified tear drop tip to create a warm tone with good articulation and excellent cymbal response.

Rebound Balance Version

Promark designed the Select Balance system utilizing the 5 most popular drumstick diameters, 7A, 5A (2), 55A and 5B. Each model is available in either a forward or rebound balance version. The rebound version is optomized to have finesse and agility with a rear-weighted feel.