Meinl TMT2R

Meinl TMT2R


Tambourine Meinl TMT2R, traditionell ABS plastik Tambourine, Montierbar, doppel Reihe Jingles, Stahl, Rot

Artikelnummer: 3PTMMLTMT2R

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Meinl TMT2R

These ergonomically shaped tambourines of Meinl are available as hand held or mountable versions. The durable ABS frame allows hard hitting and energetic hand playing. Nickel silver plated steel jingles produce a resonant bright sound that projects well in both live and studio situations.

Produkt Spezifikation

Material: ABS Plastic Frame, Nickel silver plated steel jingles
Easily mountable
Ergonomic design
Guiro style playing surface