Vic Firth SPE

Vic Firth SPE


Drumsticks Vic Firth SPE, Signature series, Peter Erskine, Hickory SPE .525", length 16", round, wooden Tip

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Vic Firth SPE, light and fast with a piccolo tip for pinpoint articulation on cymbals.

Signature Series®

Back in the early 1980’s Vic Firth and Steve Gadd began working together on a top-secret new project: a signature drum stick. The idea of an artist collaboration had never been tried before in the drum stick industry, but Vic Firth and Steve saw an artistic and musical opportunity that couldn’t be ignored.

To this day, each signature stick we make is conceived with the same care and respect for artistry and musicality. Models in the Signature Series are designed through extensive research with the finest drummers from a variety of musical styles. The designs reflect their musical requirements in terms of feel, sound projection and cymbal color. Vic’s Signature Series truly puts the artist’s personal touch into your hands!