Vic Firth SD1

Vic Firth SD1


Schlagzeugstöcke Drums Vic Firth SD1, American Custom, General, Maple SD1 .635", Länge 16 3/8", rund, hölzern Tip

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Schlagzeugstöcke Drums mit taschen

Produkt Information

Vic Firth SD1, with a round tip. Ideal for orchestral work, rock and band. A legendary practice stick.

American Custom®

The American Custom® line consists of a variety of models conceived and engineered by Vic Firth performer and educator.  The first manufacturer to apply the concept of a round striking surface to drumstick design, Vic Firth developed the other originals that complete the line with jazz, pop and rock players in mind.
All twelve are turned from select rock maple for a light, fast playing stick with great flex and rebound. The Custom line is perfect for the artist who is playing lighter types of music, or prefers a beefier stick without a lot of weight.