Vic Firth AH5B

Vic Firth AH5B


Schlagzeugstöcke Drums Vic Firth AH5B, American Heritage, Maple 5B .595", Länge 16", Tear Drop, hölzern tip

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Schlagzeugstöcke Drums mit taschen

Produkt Information

Vic Firth AH5B, enjoy the weight and sound of maple in the popular Vic Firth 5B profile.

American Heritage®

American Heritage® drumsticks feature the dimensional specifications of the Vic Firth most popular American Classic® models, but are crafted in maple rather than hickory for greater rebound and flex. This series allows drummers to have the feel of their favorite American Classic® model, but with a lighter, more “airy” sound, especially on cymbals.