Universal Timpani

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Universal Timpani

Universal Timpani

Item number: 2PAUN

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Often imitated, never duplicated

Adams Universal Timpani are designed for all concert and education uses. An easy instrument to operate, the pedal mechanism can be silently locked into place to pinpoint any note, and the optional fine tuner can be used for further adjustment. Universal Timpani feature legs that are adjustable to the player’s height while seated, and easily retract into the kettle for transport.

Copper Hammered

The Parabolic Hammered Copper bowl has the best price to quality ratio. This model has the darkest, most direct and focused tone of Adams Parabolic Bowls. Sizes: 20" - 2PAUNKH20 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKH20 (with finetuner) 23" - 2PAUNKH23 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKH23 (with finetuner) 26" - 2PAUNKH26 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKH26 (with finetuner) 29" - 2PAUNKH29 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKH29 (with finetuner) 32" - 2PAUNKH32 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKH32 (with finetuner)

Smooth Copper

Copper has a rich and vivid tone. Adams Parabolic Copper Bowls project fully, cleanly, and clearly, and are polished to a brilliant shine. Sizes: 20" - 2PAUNKG20 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKG20 (with finetuner) 23" - 2PAUNKG23 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKG23 (with finetuner) 26" - 2PAUNKG26 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKG26 (with finetuner) 29" - 2PAUNKG29 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKG29 (with finetuner) 32" - 2PAUNKG32 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFKG32 (with finetuner)


Adams Parabolic Fibre kettles are a synthetic option that are lightweight and have an excellent sound. Available in the Professional, Revolution, and Universal Series, Fiberglass bowls are an excellent value for bands, schools, and travel use. Sizes: 20" - 2PAUNFI20 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFFI20 (with finetuner) 23" - 2PAUNFI23 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFFI23 (with finetuner) 26" - 2PAUNFI26 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFFI26 (with finetuner) 29" - 2PAUNFI29 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFFI29 (with finetuner) 32" - 2PAUNFI32 (no finetuner) - 2PAUFFI32 (with finetuner)

European Stle Block Pedal System

European Style block pedal system, also known as clutch and post, allows for smooth, precise pedal action regardless of head tension. The locking pedal action secures each pitch in place.

Individually Adjustable Legs

The multi-adjustable supporting legs retract completely into the kettle for ease of transportation and height adjustment.

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads (Hazy with Aluminum Insert Rings) offer outstanding expression with stable pitch and excellent durability.

Optional Fine Tuner

Optional player’s side fine tuner is available for the most precise pitch adjustment. Note: The Universal Professional fine tuner must be installed at the time of manufacture and is not available as an add-on accessory.

Tuning Key Holder

A Tuning Key Holder is built into the kettle of the timpani

Felt Mute

All Adams Timpani come with a black felt mute.