Symphonic Gen II Kesselpauken

Symphonic Gen II Kesselpauken

Symphonic Gen II Kesselpauken

Artikelnummer: 2PASYII

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First class allrounder

Symphonic Generation II Timpani suit today’s rigorous requirements for sound and durability.  Improving on Adams previous generation Symphonic model, Generation II features a chromed steel support ring and counter hoop, and extra strong struts to maximize the pitch and sustain. Effortless transport is provided by wide base legs for improved stability, smooth rolling casters, and a standard integrated third wheel. With the precision pitch adjustment afforded by the block pedal and fine tuner, and options of three different bowl types, Symphonic Generation II Timpani give all players extraordinary control of their sound.

Copper Cambered Hammered

Warm and focused, Adams superb Cambered Hammered Bowls are offered in Philharmonic, Symphonic, and Professional Series.

20" - 2PASYIIDH20
23" - 2PASYIIDH23
26" - 2PASYIIDH26
29" - 2PASYIIDH29
32" - 2PASYIIDH32

Copper Hammered

The Parabolic Hammered Copper bowl has the best price to quality ratio. This model has the darkest, most direct and focused tone of Adams Parabolic Bowls.

20" - 2PASYIIKH20
23" - 2PASYIIKH23
26" - 2PASYIIKH26
29" - 2PASYIIKH29
32" - 2PASYIIKH32

Smooth Copper

Copper has a rich and vivid tone. Adams Parabolic Copper Bowls project fully, cleanly, and clearly, and are polished to a brilliant shine.

20" - 2PASYIIKG20
23" - 2PASYIIKG23
26" - 2PASYIIKG26
29" - 2PASYIIKG29
32" - 2PASYIIKG32

European Style Block Pedal System

European Style block pedal system, also known as clutch and post, allows for smooth, precise pedal action regardless of head tension. The locking pedal action secures each pitch in place.

Fine Tuner

The Symphonic Gen II fine tuner mechanism is standard included and conveniently located on the player's side, and offers an extremely fluid action.

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads (Hazy with Aluminum Insert Rings) offer outstanding expression with stable pitch and excellent durability.

New Suspension Ring: Better Sound

he bowl is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring that is supported by strong steel struts for maximum projection.

Large Double-Wheel Casters and Pedal Roll

Large, double-wheel swivel casters are mounted on wide base legs for improved stability, and the solid pedal roll allows for safe maneuverability.

Tuning Gauge

The Adams Tuning Gauges have quick response to the pedal action and are easy to read.

Tuning Key + Holder

A Tuning Key + Holder is built into the base of the timpani.

Felt Mute

All Adams Timpani come with a black felt mute.