Revolution Kesselpauken

Revolution Kesselpauken

Revolution Kesselpauken

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Innovative Design, Great Portability

Adams Revolution Timpani combine truly professional sound quality with a removable base for effortless portability. An innovative balanced action pedal system allows the Revolution base to detach from the kettle without any tools. Once detached, the base legs fold up for easy portability by its integrated carrying handle. The fine tuner allows the drum to achieve an octave range. There has never before been a more practical, portable, and professional quality instrument.

Copper Hammered

The Parabolic Hammered Copper bowl has the best price to quality ratio. This model has the darkest, most direct and focused tone of Adams Parabolic Bowls.

20" - 2PARFKH20
23" - 2PARFKH23
26" - 2PARFKH26
29" - 2PARFKH29
32" - 2PARFKH32

Smooth Copper

Copper has a rich and vivid tone. Adams Parabolic Copper Bowls project fully, cleanly, and clearly, and are polished to a brilliant shine.

20" - 2PARFKG20
23" - 2PARFKG23
26" - 2PARFKG26
29" - 2PARFKG29
32" - 2PARFKG32


Adams Parabolic Fibre kettles are a synthetic option that are lightweight and have an excellent sound. Available in the Professional, Revolution, and Universal Series, Fiberglass bowls are an excellent value for bands, schools, and travel use.

20" - 2PARFFI20
23" - 2PARFFI23
26" - 2PARFFI26
29" - 2PARFFI29
32" - 2PARFFI32

Patented Balanced Action Pedal System

Newly developed, incredibly strong Balanced Action Pedal System works perfectly with head tension for smooth operation and precise adjustment.

Patented Un-coupling Mechanism

Patented un-coupling mechanism make Revolution Timpani very easy to transport. Bowl and base easily detach without any additional tools: Unlock base, click heel of foot pedal, and lift bowl from base.

Foldable Base

When the kettle is un-coupled, the base legs fold in, and the base can be carried by the integrated handle.

Patented Height Adjustable System

Patented height adjustable system allows you to adjust the height of the timpani from between 80 and 90 cm.

Patented Wide Range Fine Tuner

The fine tuner may be used to make small adjustments to pitch, or to bring the entire range of a 5th up or down with a quick turn of the wrist.

Possibility to play without base

When seperated from the base, each Revolution timpani maintains tension on the head and has a range of a 5th using the wide range fine tuner feature to asjust tuning.

Adjustable Spring Tension

Spring Tension of Patented Balance Action Mechanism is easily adjustable with a knob located above the pedal.

Possibility to use Calf Heads

Adams Timpani equipped with the newly designed Balanced Action Pedal System are the only timpani of its kind on which calf heads can be used.

Large Double-Wheel Casters and Pedal Casters

Large, double-wheel swivel casters are mounted on wide base legs for improved stability, and integrated third wheel allows for safe maneuverability.

Tuning Gauge

The Adams Tuning Gauges have quick response to the pedal action and are easy to read.

Tuning Key + Holder

A Tuning Key + Holder is built into the kettle of the timpani.

Felt Mute

All Adams Timpani come with a black felt mute.