Remo CS-0114-10


Head Layers1-ply
Head typeCoated
More OptionsWith Dot

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Remo CS-0114-10


Tom / Snare Drum Head Remo CS-0114-10, Controlled Sound, Coated, 1-ply 14", dot on bottom side

Item number: 5SVLRMCS14

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Remo Controlled Sound Coated Black Dot Series

The Remo Controlled Sound Coated Black Dot Series feature a single ply head of a 10mil coated ply with a 5mil Bottom Black Dot, the Controlled Sound coated bottom black dot drumheads provides medium and heavy drumhead characteristics. The head provides midrange tones and has added durability. The drumhead's outer area offers enhanced tone and sensitivity while the center dot adds durability and overtone control.