Promark PW2BW

Promark PW2BW


Drumsticks Promark PW2BW, Shira Kashi, Oak (2B) .630", length 16", Oval, wooden tip

Item number: 5SMLDPMPW2BW

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Promark 2B

The 2B has a standard diameter for the heavy hitter. An excellent large drumstick for rock, heavy pop and country. The oval tip provides a dark and warm tone, furthermore it has an short, quick taper for more forward balance and less rebound. Furthermore the stick is made of Hickory, this type of wood is known for its resilience, responsiveness, durability and classic feel.

Shira Kashi Oak Series

Shira Kashi Oak is a dense and heavy wood, which provides a sturdy feel in your hand and excellent ride cymbal articulation. The sticks that are made of this Japanese Oak are exceptionally durable and usually last longer than other types of wood.