Professional Gen II Kesselpauken

Professional Gen II Kesselpauken

Professional Gen II Kesselpauken

Artikelnummer: 2PAPRII

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Most innovative allround timpani in the world

Adams Professional Generation II Timpani are the new balanced action timpani benchmark. For over 20 years, Adams Professional Timpani met the needs of every musical genre—the model was used extensively in conservatories, orchestras, Hollywood recording studios, and by world class drums corps. Professional Generation II features advancements in sound and usability to set the standard even higher. Including a new balanced action pedal mechanism, Professional Generation II includes improvements to the support ring, counterhoop, and struts for maximum focus and sustain. Effortless transport is provided by wide base legs for improved stability, smooth rolling casters, and a standard integrated third wheel. A newly developed, optional fine tuner is available for the highest degree of tuning accuracy ever on balanced action timpani.

Copper Cambered Hammered

Warm and focused, Adams superb Cambered Hammered Bowls are offered in Philharmonic, Symphonic, and Professional Series.

20" - 2PAPRIIDH20
23" - 2PAPRIIDH23
26" - 2PAPRIIDH26
29" - 2PAPRIIDH29
32" - 2PAPRIIDH32

Copper Hammered

The Parabolic Hammered Copper bowl has the best price to quality ratio. This model has the darkest, most direct and focused tone of Adams Parabolic Bowls.

20" - 2PAPRIIKH20
23" - 2PAPRIIKH23
26" - 2PAPRIIKH26
29" - 2PAPRIIKH29
32" - 2PAPRIIKH32

Smooth Copper

Copper has a rich and vivid tone. Adams Parabolic Copper Bowls project fully, cleanly, and clearly, and are polished to a brilliant shine.

20" - 2PAPRIIKG20
23" - 2PAPRIIKG23
29" - 2PAPRIIKG29
32" - 2PAPRIIKG32


Adams Parabolic Fibre kettles are a synthetic option that are lightweight and have an excellent sound. Available in the Professional, Revolution, and Universal Series, Fiberglass bowls are an excellent value for bands, schools, and travel use.

20" - 2PAPRIIFI20
23" - 2PAPRIIFI23
26" - 2PAPRIIFI26
29" - 2PAPRIIFI29
32" - 2PAPRIIFI32

Balanced Action Pedal System

Newly developed, incredibly strong Balanced Ation Pedal System works perfectly with head tension for smooth operation and precise adjustment.

Adjustable Spring Tension

The spring tension of the Adams Professional Gen II timpani is easily adjustable by a knob on the base of the instrument. However very little adjustment is necessarry because of the strenghth of the mechanical design.

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads

Adams Remo Renaissance Heads (Hazy with Aluminum Insert Rings) offer outstanding expression with stable pitch and excellent durability.

Optional Fine Tuner

Optional player’s side fine tuner is available for the most precise pitch adjustment available on balanced action timpani. Note: The Gen II Professional fine tuner must be installed at the time of manufacture and is not available as an add-on accessory.

New Suspension Ring: Better Sound

The Professional Gen II Kettle is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring supported by strong struts for maximum sustain and projection.

Large Double-Wheel Casters and Pedal Casters

Large, double-wheel swivel casters are mounted on wide base legs for improved stability, and integrated third wheel allows for safe maneuverability.

Possibility to use Calf Heads

Adams Timpani equipped with the newly designed Balanced Action Pedal System are the only timpani of its kind on which calf heads can be used.

Tuning Gauge

The Adams Tuning Gauges have quick response to the pedal action and are easy to read.

Tuning Key + Holder

A Tuning Key + Holder is built into the base of the timpani

Optional Field Wheels

Professional Gen II Timpani can be delivered with optional Field Wheels for better moving on outdoor grounds.

Felt Mute

All Adams Timpani come with a black felt mute.