Octave Tuned, Voyager Frame

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Octave Tuned, Voyager Frame


Xylophone Concert, XC2HV40, 4.0 okt., C4-C8, Octave Tuned, bars 48-40 mm, Voyager Frame

Artikelnummer: 2XFC2HRV40

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The Concert Xylophone is an exemplary instrument for all musical uses. The comfortable, four octave keyboard gives the player the range and projection for all musical genres, from band and orchestra to chamber music and solo music.

Adams Honduras Rosewood in 4.0 octaves - Octave tuned
Octave tuning has the first overtone the two octaves above the fundamental for a clear and brilliant sound, and is mostly popular in Europe.
Graduated, wide-bar keyboard projects cleanly and clearly.
Voyager and Field Frame System options easily adjust to the player’s height
Field Frames include an accessory bar for multi-percussion setups.
Vinyl wrapped rails and powder coated resonators for durability.
Resonators feature welded construction, and are suspended from the frame on rubber isolation mounts, eliminating the possibility of any mechanical noise or vibration.
Two Position Resonator Mounts for Pitch and Tone Control
Soft Bag sets and flight cases are available for Voyager frame Concert Xylophones for protection during transport.
Includes drop cover and 1 pair of XB6 mallets

Concert Xylophone Specification Grid

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