Djembe Meinl VR-SDJSET-NH, VivaRhyhtm, Soft Sound, set from three, Pop Off, napa Heads

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The Meinl VivaRhythm 3-In-1 Djembe set features three different sized djembes (8"-12") in a set for high and low notes. The 10" and 12" drums are outfitted with Meinl VivaRhythm Pop Off Djembe heads. Take the heads off and stack the drums inside each other for easy storage or traveling. Place the heads back on when it’s time to play without any tuning required. The Pop Off Djembe Heads also make great hand drums that can be played without putting them on a drum. The smaller 8" drum has a fixed pre-tuned head that produces high pitched sounds with plenty of attack.

Product specification

Size: 8" head diameter, 16 1/4" height, 10" head diameter, 19 1/2" height, 12" head diameter, 23" height
Materials: Synthetic shell, napa head
Synthetic shell is perfect for outdoor playing
Non-slip rubber bottom
Fits every type of skill level and music style
pre-tuned head