Meinl PMDJ2-S-G

Meinl PMDJ2-S-G


Djembe Meinl PMDJ2-S-G, Mechanical Tuned Travel Série, 8", Chèvre Peau, Kenyan Quilt

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Meinl PMDJ2-S-G

The Meinl Mechanical Tuned Travel Series Djembes are ultra-lightweight drums that are great for professionals as well as recreational players. The patented synthetic shell makes these djembes 20% lighter than Meinl’s fiberglass models which enables quick and easy transportation. The combination of a synthetic head and shell holds these drums up against changes in weather while producing sharp slaps and deep bass tones, making them perfect for outdoor use. The mechanical tuning system allows you to change pitch quickly and easily.

Produit spécification

Size: 8"
Height: 20"
Material: Synthetic
goat head
Quick and easy mechanical tuning system
Non-slip rubber bottom