Meinl PA16MC

Meinl PA16MC


Crash Cymbale Meinl PA16MC, Pure Alloy, Medium, 16"

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Meinl Crash Cymbal Pure Alloy

Meinl Pure Alloy has an effortless touch and clean sound. Formed with fully lathed surfaces allows them to be expressive in virtually any style. Their refined nature offers them a polished definition that is met by a velvety wash that encompasses a full tonal spectrum. Shimmering, smooth sounds bounce right along with your stick to create a reactive touch that extends through all dynamic levels. Blanketing their superb stick definition is a sustain that plays out with just the right amount of strength and balanced wash.

Produit spécification

Size: 16"
Styles: Rock, Pop, Fusion, RNB, Reggae, Studio
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Character: Shimmering Clarity
Pitch: High-Mid
Volume: Medium to Low
Sustain: Medium
Weight: Medium
Finish: Traditional
Material: Pure Alloy
Toongroeven: Pinpoint