Meinl MCS

Meinl MCS


Cymbal set complete Meinl MCS, MCS series, 14" Hi-hat - 16" Crash - 20" Ride

Item number: 3BCXMLMCS

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Meinl MCS Complete Cymbal Set

When what you want from your first set of cymbals are cool looks and cutting tones that sound great but won’t break your bank account, MCS is a perfect choice. Precision crafted from pro-level bronze, these cymbals give you the cut you need to get your playing heard. Best of all, they let you add serious sounds to your set-up without a serious price tag. The MCS Complete Cymbal Set consists of a 20’’ MCS Medium Ride, a 16’’ MCS Medium Crash, and a 14’’ MCS Medium hi-hat.

Product specification

Styles: Rock, Pop
Timbre: Bright
Character: Explosive, Clear
Pitch: High
Volume: Medium
Sustain: Medium
Weight: Medium
Finish: Traditional
Material: B8 (approximately 92% copper, 8% tin)
Lathe: wide Blade