Ludwig Albert Artist Marimba 5.0 Octaves

Ludwig Albert Artist Marimba 5.0 Octaves


Marimba Artist Ludwig Albert, MAHLA501, 5 oct., C2-C7, bars 72-40 mm (lacquered), Traveller Frame

Numéro d'article: 2MBA2HRLA501

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The Ludwig Albert Artist Marimba is the newest signature model in Adams’ Artist Series. Inspired by the Adams Custom Classic Marimba, the instrument was made in close collaboration with Belgian marimba virtuoso Ludwig Albert. Built on the Traveller frame’s low cross bar and smooth, large rolling wheels, the instrument has fantastic stability. The frame’s beautiful white stained rails and side parts include Adams’ patented Voyager Height Adjustment System. Satin Gold colored resonators complete the design, making the marimba shine on stage.

New Alpha tuning system creates the most in-tune, open, and resonant keyboard available.

Colored Honduras Rosewood 5.0 Octaves Bars

Rounded Accidental Bars

The lower register of the keyboard is tuned through an incredible sixth overtone

Traveller Frame Ludwig Albert Model

Tunable Resonators below A2

Artist Ludwig Albert Marimba Specification Grid

Click here for the Adams Artist Ludwig Albert Marimba Specification Grid.