Korg MM-2, ear metronome

Korg MM-2, ear metronome


Metronome Korg MM-2, Ear Metronome

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Metronoom Korg MM-2, In-ear metronome

The In-Ear Metronome is an ultra-small metronome that fits effortlessly in your ear. This metronome is perfect for private study because the sound of the metronome is projected directly into your ear, it cannot be drowned out by ambient noises. The In-Ear has a wide range of meters and rhythm variations. It may be small however it delivers a lot of metronome functions. The tempo can be smoothly adjusted with the jog-switch, all the while the patented clamping mechanism makes sure that the In-Ear Metronome stays in your ear.

Product specification

Tempo Range: 30 – 252 beats per min (BPM)
Tempo Settings: 0 - 9 beats
Rhythm Settings: Quarter Notes, Duplets, Triplets, Quadruplets
Volume Settings: 2 levels
Speaker: 12mm Piezoelectric Speaker
Power Supply: Lithium battery (3V)
Battery Life: Approximately 200 hours
Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm
Included Items: Lithium battery, Ear Pad, Carrying Case