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Getzen 3916-S


Trompet Piccolo Getzen 3916-S, Custom Series, Bes/A, 4 ventiel, kort model, verzilverd

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Trompet Piccolo Getzen 3916-L, Custom Series, Bes/A, 4 ventiel, kort model, gelakt

Getzen 3916-L
Artikelnummer: 1TPPGT3916L


Combineer en profiteer

Trompet met standaard

Getzen Specialty Trumpets are designed to fill the positions left open by standard trumpets and cornets.

Getzen offers two different piccolo trumpet models. Both the 940 Eterna Short Model Piccolo and the all new 3916 Custom Series Long Model Piccolo feature a four valve configurations that provide free blowing instruments with excellent intonation. Both are perfect for any Baroque and specialty literature.

The 593 Bb Herald Trumpet offers a great sounding instrument that is perfect those who need a little extra visual appeal. With standard banner rings mounted to the bell, the 593 is the perfect fanfare trumpet.

The 994 Eterna Bass Trumpet is an ideal alternative to a valve trombone. With a rich, mellow tone and quality Getzen construction, the 994 is versatile enough for symphonic performances and durable enough to be used as a marching brass instrument.

As with all Getzen instruments, Getzen Specialty Trumpets are made to the highest standards. All are built around unsurpassed Getzen valve sections with nickel plated, nickel silver pistons. Also all Specialty Models also feature hand spun bells and offer a variety of options and finishes.

Piccolo Trumpet

  • Bore Size: .451"
  • Slides: Hand lapped yellow brass
  • Mouthpipe: Yellow brass mouthpipe tube
  • Nickel plated, yellow brass Bb and a A tuning bits (trumpet shank standard)
  • Bell: 4" two piece copper
  • Intonation Aids: Fouth valve for alternate 1-3 & 1-2-3 fingerings; third slide ring
  • Mouthpiece: 1C Trumpet

3916 Options

  • Lever Waterkeys
  • Bright Silver Plate
  • Hand Engraving
  • Custom Etching Available


  • 24K Gold Plate Trim Kit
  • Cornet Shank Tuning Bits (XCS)


After years of success in the Eterna Series line, the 916 Piccolo Trumpet has been upgraded and moved into the Getzen Custom Series. This new and improved 3916 Piccolo Trumpet maintains the same great quality of the 916 model with several upgraded and enhanced features. In addition to an all new, 4" copper bell, the 3916 also offers a redesigned mouthpipe and tuning bit configuration. This design change includes a switch to standard trumpet shank tuning bits as well as a completely new mouthpipe tube.

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the totally redesigned 3916 valve section. While the same dedication to piston action and durability that Getzen is known for has stayed the same, the overall layout and configuration has changed to ensure a freer blowing instrument that offers excellent intonation. Add this to the fact that the 3916 Piccolo Trumpet is constructed exclusively in the Getzen ProShop and you will see why it has quickly become regarded as the perfect tool for any Baroque literature or specialty music.

Getzen offers two high quality finish options. One is our specially formulated, baked epoxy lacquer that shows off the natural color of the instrument. The other is our signature silver plate with a brightness that is unmatched in the industry.

Not all finishes are offered on all models. Check individual model options to determine availability.

Clear Lacquer

Clear lacquer is the most economical of all finish options. The durable finish protects the brass from tarnishing while allowing the natural beauty of the metals to shine through.

Bright Silver Plate

Bright silver plate is a very popular finish with most musicians. It provides a bright, uniform finish to the instrument while protecting the brass from tarnishing. Silver can become tarnished over time however and requires occasional cleaning or polishing to maintain its bright shine.