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Getzen 3001


Trompet Bes Getzen 3001, Artist Model, verzilverd met 24K vergulde trim

Artikelnummer: 1TPBGT3001Z

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Trompet Bes Getzen 3001LE, Artist Model, 24K verguld

Getzen 3001LE
Artikelnummer: 1TPBGT3001ZLE

Combineer en profiteer

Trompet met standaard

From the top of the line Custom Series Bb and C Trumpets to our entry level student line, all Getzen Trumpets are built with the same skill and dedication to quality. You will find the same high standards on a trumpet intended for an orchestra as you will for a trumpet bound for a child's first recital.

All Getzen trumpets feature hand spun bells made from the finest materials availible. Whether its the one piece, hand hammered bell of the Custom Series and Artist Model lines, or the seamless bells on the 300/400 Series Trumpets, the quality of the bell shines through in the sound of each trumpet.

The heart and soul of every Getzen Trumpet is the valve section and the same legendary Getzen valve action can be found on all of our trumpets. That is in no small part thanks to our hand-lapped, nickel silver pistons, argueably the fastest and most durable pistons on the market today.

Finally, every Getzen Trumpet is hand mounted and assembled by our staff of highly trained craftsmen and women. The same care is put into every trumpet that goes through the factory. Whether the trumpet was built in the ProShop or in general production, you can rest assured that it was made by some of the most skilled hands in the industry.

Custom Bb Trumpets

The Artist Model Custom Trumpet is the perfect demonstration of Getzen's strong ties with professional musicians. The Artist Model Trumpets are the product of the Getzen ProShop working together with top trumpet players around the world. This teamwork has created a truly superior product that is the combination of many years of experience in the playing, designing, and building of professional trumpets.

The Artist Model Custom 3001 Trumpet is constructed in a medium large bore with a one piece hand hammered yellow brass bell. Nickel outside slide tubes, nickel balusters and nickel silver, nickel plated pistons are just a few of the high quality materials used in every Artist Model Trumpet. The 3001 has the same great valve sections found on all Getzen Custom Series Trumpets. They are the smoothest valve sections in the industry and that quality is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The 3001MV features the same trumpet body found on the 3001. In addition, the 3001MV features a light weight gold brass bell and tuning slide venturi that make for exceptional response, projection, and tonal color. An excellent alternative for players seeking a versatile trumpet for lead, solo, or orchestral work.

Bb Trumpet

  • Bore Size: .459"

  • Slides: Hand lapped yellow brass

  • Mouthpipe: Custom yellow brass

  • Bell: No. 137 hand hammered one piece, yellow brass with special heat treatment

  • Intonation Aids: First slide saddle, third slide ring

  • Mouthpiece: 1C Trumpet

3001 Options

  • Custom Etching Available


  • Round Crook Jazz Tuning Slide


The 3001 Artist Model trumpet was designed with a very specific type of player in mind. The 3001 features a #125 mouthpipe and a #137 one piece, hand hammered bell of yellow brass mounted to a .459" bore valve set. Both the bell and the mouthpipe undergo a special heat treatment and annealing process. This combination works to create a brilliant tone with outstanding projection. The Artist Model trumpet provides a responsive feel along crisp articulations making it very attractive to players from the jazz, commercial, and lead arenas of play. For those players seeking a more open feel, the addition of the round crook tuning slide will open up the horn, adding more freeness to its blow without comprising the trumpet's responsiveness.

Getzen offers two high quality finish options. One is our specially formulated, baked epoxy lacquer that shows off the natural color of the instrument. The other is our signature silver plate with a brightness that is unmatched in the industry.

Not all finishes are offered on all models. Check individual model options to determine availability.

Clear Lacquer

Clear lacquer is the most economical of all finish options. The durable finish protects the brass from tarnishing while allowing the natural beauty of the metals to shine through.

Bright Silver Plate

Bright silver plate is a very popular finish with most musicians. It provides a bright, uniform finish to the instrument while protecting the brass from tarnishing. Silver can become tarnished over time however and requires occasional cleaning or polishing to maintain its bright shine.