Freer SGNF

Freer SGNF


Concert Caisse claire Baguettes Freer SGNF, General Orchestral, Hornwoord,

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Freer General Orchestral Hornwood Signature Model

The new general orchestral hornwood is identical to the hickory version but made entirely from hornwood.  The hornwood is very dense and hard and adds a couple grams of weight as well.  The feel is something like rosewood or ebony but without the excessive vibration and low pitch that come with those woods.  It is also extremely durable and will likely last you a lifetime if cared for properly.  Classic signature Freer general shape with slight taper in back and round ball bead.  Precision matched, pitched and weighed.  All around general stick perfect for anything.  Effortless to roll with and perfect size bead to enable a super wide dynamic range.