Dresdner Vintage

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Dresdner Vintage

Dresdner Vintage

Item number: 2PALPD

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The new Adams Dresdner Vintage is a recreation of the legendary German drums which have become such an iconic piece of timpani lineage. Players like Cloyd Duff used this kind of drum for most of their career and so many other timpani have been patterned after these originals.

At Adams what we set out to do was to recreate the sound, look and simplicity of these legendary instruments making as few alterations as possible and making subtle improvements where it was vital. The castings are cast steel (molds blueprinted and cast from original parts) and the bowls are hand made two piece .08 thick copper with a replicated hand hammered finish just as the originals. Details such as finer teeth on the ratchet, a transfer bar for the fine tuner on the players side, accidental tabs on the tuning gauge and a slightly sharper lip on the bowl make this drum far more versatile than the originals. The precision construction of the suspension rings, counterhoops and lip of the bowls mean that these parts are very flat, round and true which is a trait the originals could never boast. The fine tuner looks similar to the original yet moves easily and has a lift handle that can also be moved out of the way of your knees. Now you will get that authentic original Dresdner sound without all the problems and inconsistencies that the originals have always been known for. This is by far the most accurate reproduction of any Dresdner style drum to date. An authentic Dresdner sound. Round, open, singing and focused tone at all dynamic levels and in all ranges with calf OR plastic.

1. Cast steel frames all parts blueprinted and replicated from originals

2. Machining of all parts is vastly improved with precision so that the struts and suspension ring are level and centered to the base

3. The allignment of all fitted parts is very precise resulting in smoother pedal motion, smoother/lighter fine tuner motion, increased resonance, projection and pitch clarity

4. Suspension ring, lip of the bowl and counterhoop are absolutely round, true and flat. *These three words are very key in a general sense

5. Improved tuning gauge with accidentals

6. Improved ratchet with finer teeth for more accurate pitch

7. A transfer bar has been added in order to move the fine tuner to the players side

8. Fine tuner handle is cosmetically replicated from an original but improved with more simple and accurately locking handle which you can position anywhere

9. Tip of fine tuner has bearing on end and steel plate attached to the end of the rocker arm for smooth movement vertically and horizontally as the rocker arm moves

10. Bearings on axle, cam and release so there is no metal to metal grinding

11. Bowls are handmade two piece (.8mm of thickness), hand hammered and hand finished in the original traditional style

12. The bowls have a slightly sharper lip so drums work well with both plastic and calf and speak equally as well with either type of head

13. Counterhoops square stock as on original 1920's model drums for more exact flat and round and improved tone overall

14. Paint and pinstripe details done as on originals in traditional dark burgundy with gold pinstriping hand painted