Cornet CN-1

Cornet CN-1


Cornet (Bb) Adams Custom Series CN-1 Selected Modèle, Laiton Pavillon 0,50mm, Argenté

Numéro d'article: 1CNBADC1M50Z

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The Adams cornet has a large bore (12 mm), a medium heavy valve cluster and buttons, offering a superb sound quality.

This cornet will allow the player to adapt effortlessly between the needs of today's modern cornet needs, be it the modern composer or the brass band.

The CN1 utilizes a modern tuning trigger assembly which will allow the performer to alter their main intonation on the horn instantly.

It's possible to get your Adams Cornet set up in a more traditional method with triggers on the 1st and 3rd slide.

  • Key: Bb

  • Bell Diameter: 126mm

  • Available Bores: 12mm

  • Available Gauges: 0.50-0.55