Barock Kesselpauken

Barock Kesselpauken

Barock Kesselpauken

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18th century tradition with 21st century technology

Adams Baroque Timpani are designed with the perfect balance of the tradition of the 18th century balanced with the 21st century technology. The combination of the finest Super Kalfo heads and a timpani bowl developed and produced by Adams create the sound and character necessary for baroque timpani. Adams Baroque Timpani have clear and bright sound throughout their range, providing the player precise articulation. The tuning screws have fine threads for exact tuning adjustments. An optional general tuning system is available for tuning with one hand tuner.

The Adams Baroque timpani are available in the following (kettle) sizes:

23" - 26"

Traditional Baroque Hammered Copper Kettle

The Adams Barqoue Timpani come with a small traditional Baroque shaped, dark lacquered, hammered coper bowl. Available in 23" and 26".

Super Kalfo Natural Heads

Standard delivered with Super Kalfo heads

Baroque Stand

Standard delivered with Baroque stand

Antique Look Counter Hoops

Burnished antique look counter hoops

Fine threaded Tuning Screws

Fine threaded tuning screws for exact tuning adjustment. The screws and support are made out of beautiful polished gold brass.

Optional General Tuning System

Optional general tuning system available for tuning with one hand tuner